Wrong Lessons From History

Galileo on TrialIn 1615c.e., the Roman Inquisition determined that the heliocentric view of the Solar System wasn’t just wrong, it also “contradicted” Scripture (I have no idea how) and forbade any person to teach the theory, while banning any and all books that taught the idea that the Earth orbited the Sun. Oddly enough, in 1582c.e., the Church had revamped the calendar it used based on the Copernican model of the Solar System (the “right” way) instead of the geocentric model (the wrong way) that the Inquisition now said was “Scriptural.” That didn’t stop the Church from locking one of the greatest scientific minds in all of history in a room and all but silencing him until he died.

Why does that matter today? After all, in the end, Galileo was right, the Church was wrong, and everybody sees the hypocrisy or a group of men trying to suppress the truth in the misguided belief that they were serving their G-d. Let’s take a look at three factors:

First, we are told by political leaders and their myrmidons over and again that “The Science is Settled.” As we saw last week, science is never “settled,” and as in the case of Galileo, a theory that has held sway as “the scientific consensus” can not only be wrong, but eventually overturned. (As an aside, there were scientists who disagreed with Galileo on the basis that for the Sun to be the center of the Solar System a stellar parallax would need to be observed. They didn’t have the equipment and technology to observe such a parallax, so they (scientifically correctly) discounted the theory of heliocentrism based on a negative observation. The Inquisition, however, rejected the theory not on the basis of observation and testing, but upon the belief that Holy Scripture said to do so and that “everybody knows” that the sun and the stars revolve about the Earth.)

Secondly, Those who opposed the Inquisition – and believe me, the opposition became more and more personal and political as time went by – were silenced via the means of political and Ecclesiastical Power. Not logic, not science, not even debate. Pure un-checked power.

Lastly, those who opposed the Inquisition’s findings were stripped of their wealth and means to make (and create) wealth, ridiculed publically, made to be seen by the average person as “crazy” or “unwilling to accept reality.” Only one person (Giordano Bruno) was executed by the Roman Inquisition, but the price paid by its other victims was immense. Some spent decades imprisoned for their beliefs. Whether those beliefs were about the Stars and the heavens or about a different version of the Divine, including those who were Protestants and those who were Jewish.

Today, it doesn’t take much of  effort to find those in our own society who are acting as some sort of Climate Inquisition. They are not seeking the scientific truths about our planet and how it functions. Instead they seek to enforce their own doctrine against those who might disagree with their positions. From those, such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who would SEEK TO BAN COMPANIES THAT DENY CLIMATE CHANGE (also HERE), to the idea that anyone who doesn’t accept Climate Change theory is “self-delusional” and JUST NEEDS TO BE GENTLY GUIDED TO THE CORRECT position, we see those who learned the wrong lessons from history.

That being the case, how is what those who wish to deny the deniers any different from the Roman Inquisition? How far are they willing to go to enforce their view? Already they are willing to destroy the 1st Amendment and property rights. So really, how far will they go to defend their position?

normal-brain-waves-eeg-29444815The reason that so many people are so reluctant to believe that Jahi McMath is NO LONGER BRAIN DEAD is twofold. First, it’s never happened before. Scientifically speaking, this would be the equivalent of witnessing an actual resurrection. But even that isn’t insurmountable as far as accepting the story goes. The claim is that Jahi “has brain activity.” But the evidence of this being released is a video of a foot twitch and hand movement in apparent response to her mothers command. Without context there is no way to know whether it is staged, edited or simply takes advantage of twitching movements that are already happening. If there truly is brain activity, why not present the EEG results that show such activity? The fact that such evidence has not been presented makes most people think that this is some sort of scam. Why make any move to have her declared “alive?” Is there some reason why the family needed her “alive” versus “dead?” Seemingly nothing else was changing, certainly not the condition of Jahi. Could this be a move simply to force an insurance company to pick up the costs for maintaining the life support measures? Until there is an EEG released that clearly shows brain activity, the video’s are meaningless and I remain firmly convinced that Jahi, sadly, is gone. If there is such an EEG, then we will have much to learn about why and how this may have happened.

Seems that the ISIL Army has been LIVING THE GOOD LIFE IN RAQQA. The problem is that they are building up a great deal of resentment from the locals.

Is it really any surprise that the City of Modesto is NOT RELEASING BASIC INFORMATION on the nineteen candidates for City Manager? Don’t worry, I have no doubt that it will be on a quasi-official Facebook Page before too long.

A “rebellious teen” who CRASHED A CAR FULL OF TEENS might be a bit of understatement. First of all, my sources tell me that he dropped out of school, possibly as early as the 6th grade. It is reported that he was on Xanax or possibly valium, and had essentially stolen his parents car, before peeling out of the parking lot at the tire place, losing control and killing himself and hurting others.


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