Oh I Have Slipped the Surly Bonds of Earth

Yesterday was one of “those” days that I love so much. Not only was it fun, scary, exciting and interesting, it was educational and enlightening. As you head ON THE SHOW YESTERDAY, this was an eye opening experience that will take some time to fully digest. We probably were a bit disjointed on the air yesterday, after we landed at 14:30 and arrived back at the station at 1455, just minutes before going on the air with our adventure. The biggest takeaway remains that we the people do not understand or grasp how massive this problem is. We are treating it like we would treat a four year old child who is being to noisy while pretending to be selling ice cream. Solutions will require efforts and expenditures that far exceed what we are currently doing.

The arguments will be made that it isn’t worth it, we should just legalize it and all of this will go away. No, it won’t, and any amount of objective reasoning will show that. Consider this one small example. A grow house is raided for having a large grow in the fenced backyard. Among the items the Police recover at the scene are EBT cards and a tax return showing that the four member household “earned” just $11,000 that year. If you can’t see the theft involved in that, then you don’t understand that legalizing marijuana will not solve the real problem. And if I have to explain it, then you might be a part of the 2/3rd’s of American who have disengaged from the issues of the day by choice, preferring to bury their heads in Reality TV and shopping nd blaming other people for not being obsequious to their worldview.

Just think about it.

Family is requiring a great bit of my time this morning, so I don’t have as much to say as I normally would, although later when I get to the studio I may try to add some depth to this, but for the moment, a story caught my eye this morning of A GROUP OF GERMAN SOLDIERS WHO FELL at the Battle of Seelow Heights, almost 70 years ago, being unearthed and excavated in the Brandenburg area of Berlin. These men died in a futile battle against the end of things as they had known them. For some of them who were in their teens, literally all the knew was the 3rd Reich. They never got the chance to understand the errors of tyranny and fascism.

We have that privilege and that honour.

What have we done with it, and what will will do with it?


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