Hammerhead CroppedWe had a wonderful weekend in Monterey. Ben wasn’t all that into the Aquarium, but he loved the beach and all of the walking about Cannery Row. My knees on the other hand, didn’t enjoy that quite as much! For me the highlight was spending a few minutes by myself at the Ocean tank and communing with the three Hammerhead sharks that are just amazingly beautiful animals. By the by, maybe you knew this, maybe you didn’t, but all of the sharks in the MBA Ocean Tank are “rescued” animals, brought to the Aquarium in distress and nursed back to health. They also don’t generally eat the sardines in the tank, unless for some reason they are feeling extra peckish and need a quick snack. I got to see one of the Hammerheads down a sardine or two, and it was AWESOME!

Whether or not Alton Nolen is an ISIL Terrorist remains to be seen. But there is no doubt that the CAIR’s and PLRI types of the world are using the fear and terror he has engendered to make their case that Muslims are being discriminated against everywhere. I have a great deal of experience in HR management, and I can already tell you that over the next few weeks and months there will be seminars and training session on “How to Properly Terminate Islamic Employees.” You won’t have those specifically for Christians or Jews, or Sikhs or eve Satanists, but you most surely will have them for dealing with the PLRI in the workplace. More than that, it is only a matter of time before other Islamic customs – such as a 13th months pay to requiring women who work with Muslims have proper permits and special training in being obsequious – will start be demanded as well, otherwise it will be “religious discrimination.” You may not believe it today, but this lone loser in Oklahoma, by invoking the specter of an ISIL beheading, has accomplished more for advancing PLRI “rights” than he could possibly have imagined.

The Supreme Court of the United States meets today to set their agenda for the next session. Oddly enough, Justice Ginsberg is making it sound like she is ready to get going on whatever the session brings. This would be a blow to the theory that Eric Holder resigned to be appointed to the SCOTUS Bench, which more or less got quashed over the weekend when the British papers reported that he resigned for health reasons. That doesn’t change the basic premise that whomever replaces him will be worse.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, the commission that was set up in the wake of the Sandy Hook murders has delivered their report, and (SURPRISE!) it lays the blame at the foot of Homeschooling. One of the biggest recommendations that the commission is making is that kids with issues and who are Homeschooled would instead have “INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATIONAL PLANS” overseen by the local school district. Nobody on the panel noticed that Mr. Lana was 20 years old and had been out of school since he turned 16, spending only  year or so homeschooled and that he passed the test to get his GED. The cause of the murders was not homeschooling or even video games, it was mental illness, plain and simple. Improperly monitored and/or untreated mental illness. And there doesn’t seem to be much in the Commissions report dealing with that simple fact, as opposed to deciding that “kids with special needs” shouldn’t be homeschooled. And believe me, they also want to decide which kids have those “special needs.”

NFL Monday Night Football tonight at 4:45pm on PowerTalk, the New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs


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