The Official Some Information That May Be Useful To a Voter Guide

Like most people, I got my first of two “OFFICIAL VOTER INFORMATION GUIDE,” otherwise known as “the voter guide.” Unlike most registered California voters, I actually started reading mine and  learned some pretty amazing things. For example, did you know that 440,000 Americans DIE every year from “preventable medical errors?” And did you know that “law enforcement” supports making theft of a gun a misdemeanor crime? So what does it say about the “Official Voter Information Guide” when all you get is the text of the initiatives (which pretty much nobody has the time to read) and a couple of propaganda pieces from each side telling that the other side is lying? Do you find the Voter Guide any help to you at all?

Attorney General Kamala Harris says that there is no way, no how that SHE WILL BECOME ATTORNEY GENERAL of the United States. “Never believe anything until it has been officially denied,” is what the Honorable James Hacker would have said in reply…

A whole lot of people are very upset over the ATTORNEY’S REQUESTS FOR PRIVATE INFORMATION about Glendon and Irina Engert, the locksmith who was killed in the Chrysler Avenue incident. n the surface of things, I agree that it looks very nekultunry, invasive and of questionable legal value. But, you need to ask yourself one question: Why is this even in a lawsuit to begin with if the County – with your tax dollars – was ready to settle the day after the funeral? When you know that answer, you’ll see why these questions are not only not out of line, but in your best interests.

The City of Modesto is upset that a downtown BUSINESS HAS DECIDED TO PACK UP AND MOVE to McHenry Village. Here’s a thought, maybe the City should put more thought into how it treats downtown businesses ( am speaking here of the economic impact of a Super Kart race) and incentivize them being downtown for some reason other than “it was convenient for City Hall staff” to have them right there.

The British papers are reporting that ERIC HOLDER QUIT DUE TO HIS HEALTH. If that is true, the SCOTUS scenario may not be in play.


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