A Brave New Future?

A good friend of mine who is virulently anti-Common Core sent me this yesterday, THE TEN THINGS PARENTS HATE ABOUT COMMON CORE, which is a decent outline of the issues and problems, including my problem with it, which is that it’s not “local,” which education should be. But as you peruse this article, see if you notice the same thing that I did. There is something missing here, see if you can find it or if it just isn’t there.

The football player domestic violence problem has struck close to home, as a DELTA COLLEGE PLAYER HAS BEEN ARRESTED for what witnesses say was him chasing a woman and pushing her down.

Don’t get too excited about the (expected) resignation of Eric Holder today. First off, he’s staying “until” his successor is in place and believe me, the new guy will be even further to the left than Holder.

Dr. Michio Kaku is one of my favorite authors, and recently gave a talk about the speed with which SCIENCE FICTION IS BECOMING SCIENCE FACT. This is why  love living in the 21st Century. For the better part of the millions of (or 6000) years of human history, life pretty much sucked. Disease, weakness, food shortages, lack of knowledge about how things work… let’s face it, this is the time to be alive, unless you can manage somehow to last another 100 years in which case that would be the time to be alive. The problem is, of course, that the advances in technology and knowledge are – or at least seem to be – a detriment to liberty. The more that we as humans know, the more easy our lives become, the less willing we are to determine our on destinies, and worse, the less willing to do so we become. The hard part of life now is balancing the ease of our lives with the love for liberty. If we fail to maintain it all that will be left is a technological tyranny with leaders who will tell those who resist that even they benefit from what the government has brought us, which would never have been achieved without the gentle and benevolent hand of government. Sound familiar?

Today on the show we have Sheriff Adam Christianson at 4pm, and the NFL and Thursday Night Football, the New York Giants against the Washington REDSKINS. Yes, I said REDSKINS. The Redskins are the team that will be playing tonight on PowerTalk (5pm) which is sure to annoy a liberal or two. Enjoy!


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