The Poet Who Knows It But Didn’t Get Paid For It

IMG_7585Some time back people starting realizing that the stupid Facebook mobile app was a data hog because the inane “auto play” on posted videos. Articles and conversations made it into the day about how to turn that off, so as to save data charges and stop the video from automatically playing. Now we have a new iOS and a new update to the Facebook mobile app and guess what? That’s right, you can no longer just turn off auto play – you CAN turn it off for cellular data, but your stuck with it on wifi. The know they’ve got us and we won’t abandon them like we all did MySpace, so why let us have what we wanted????

A completely random aside – how is it that in 2014, Microsoft doesn’t understand the word “wifi” and keeps telling me it’s spelled incorrectly?

No big surprise here, the PLRI Daesh are claiming that the US and “Coalition” bombing of ISIL is “A WAR ON ISLAM.” Remember what we learned yesterday and you will see that it fits perfectly with their eschatological viewpoint.

The three breasted woman TURNED OUT TO BE A FAKE, as I kinda felt like it would, but here’s the question I still have: Yes, I saw ToTaL Recall and I have to know, who would find three breasts a turn on? This three-ta-ta faker said that she did it to “make herself unattractive,” and that much she achieved, but really, didn’t she think that in the 21st Century she was going to be found out? Now instead of being the Triple Chi-Chi, she’s just another politician, promising something she couldn’t deliver.

Despite the fact that the City of Modesto lost $78,000 (+overtime) on the Super Kart Grand Prix, the spin is now out that the City has “calculated” an ECONOMIC IMPACT OF JUST OVER $1MILLION. Of course, it did. Because otherwise this whole thing would have been a bad idea and somebody might have to be held accountable for it. The problem is that by the City’s own numbers, basically half of that sending came from the city (tax dollars and or donations). So even if the report is accurate, and I have a gut feeling it’s a CYA report, it’s already only half of what they claim in the title.

According to the IG report, the IRS wasn’t just targeting Conservative groups, but was also BOLOing any group(s) seeking to EDUCATE CITIZENS ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION. So, Schoolhouse Rock and Constitution Thursday are now worthy of Chekist style watching by agents of the Government founded by the Constitution? I’d love to see Lois and company stand before George Washington and Ben Franklin and explain themselves…

Bankrupt Stockton saw the City Council go on a bit of a spending spree last night, INCLUDING FUNDING A CITY POET LAUREATE, because nothing says “fiscal sanity” like funding typically bad poetry:

    The Mudville Council debates,

        Long into the gathering dusk

   While numbers and attitudes so large they seem unreal

        Causes me to wonder who to trust.

$Ka-Ching!$ Where’s my $2500 cheque?


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