Satan Versus the 1st Amendment

satanic-temple-baphomet-statue-oklahoma-statehouse-satanic-monument-luciferIn my ancestral home of Oklahoma City, a PRIEST HAS CALLED FOR BANNING OF THE SATANISTS in order to “protect” Christians from the violence being “incited” against Christians by the Satanists. First off, can anybody – the Priest especially – show any evidence of Satanic violence against Christians in OKC is actually occurring? Given that it is not actually happening, how can any person who wants to essentially kill the 1st Amendment except as it applies in favor of HIS personal religious beliefs be taken seriously? I get that many of you consider the Satanists to be some form of the occult and in opposition to your religious beliefs. But we aren’t talking about religion here, we’re talking about the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution. How is that (a) the Satanists are more supporting of the Constitution than the Priest is and (b) the Priest has zero faith that his G-d can protect him from the Satanists?

This, by the by, is the same problem I HAVE WITH THE PLRI DAESH: why do they worship a Deity that is completely incapable of fending for Himself? If you worship a deity that says that it needs you to kill for it, you are worshipping a false deity.

Through the years I have made it clear how I feel about tattoos. Frankly the vast majority of them are, well, ridiculous. But in a world where people need to “express themselves,” I suppose that people are going to do tings that make them look silly. In my lifetime I have seen bell bottoms, white people with afros and grown men with perms, basketball short shorts and tinted eye glasses. So it’s no big surprise that tattoos are the latest popular form of doing the same thing everybody else is doing to promote individuality. But one has to ask if whether or not the Riverbank (City of Action!) folks are crazy or morons? In their latest attempt to look silly, the City Council will take up a matter as to whether or not to BAN MORE TATTOO SHOPS in Riverbank, because, “they can breed crime, gangs and infectious disease.” Yep… so do Churches and Mosques and Synagogues, along with schools, project housing, poverty and a breakdown of the family. So good luck with that, Riverbank. Or maybe they will get their heads together and redefine what they mean to stop “unlicensed” businesses of any type from polluting their burg. If not, stand by for some serious mocking.

Governor Brown has signed SB 702, which is bad news for Mayor Silva of Stockton. The next time he goes out and buys realistic looking “City of Stockton” badges for his posse, it will be  crime!

The Chicago Bears visit the New York Jets  on Monday Night  football, starting at 4:45pm on PowerTalk 1360 & 1280


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