The Ghost of Washington

the-three-branches-of-government-greed-cronyism-and-propagandaWhat if I told you that a mere 38% of Americans know which Political Party controls the House of Representatives? Only 36% could name the three Branches of Government, according to a recent ANNENBERG PUBLIC POLICY CENTER STUDY.

Consider this for a moment: if these numbers are correct, less than one-third of Americans have any idea at all about the political debate – which we are told is polarizing – at all. Two thirds of Americans don’t just not know why the debate matters, they don’t even know that it is going on in the first place! A revolution can be won – as was the American Revolution – with just a third of the people engaged. But the Constitution cannot be maintained that way. There was a reason why so much effort and so much passion was put into getting unanimous agreement on the Constitution, and that reason was Union.

Do you want to know why we are so divided today? Now you know – the terrible lack of Citizen engagement in the government of, by and for those people. Because of our failure to hold accountable our elected leaders, we endure in those same leaders a lack of honor, leadership and patriotism that placed the needs of the nation above all else.

On the Wednesday show I challenged every Congressman who voted to arm the Syrian Free Army to explain their vote to George Washington, Franklin and Mason. If our leaders were truly and honestly servants of the Constitution, how would they react to such a challenge? I believe that if this were possible, that leaders who truly understand their role and who truly support and defend the Constitution would literally have jumped at the opportunity to explain why what they did would have made the Framers smile upon it. Instead we get reactions that are silence, mockery (“Are you serious?”) and exasperation with the very idea that anyone would question their motives and/or  understandings of things.

And so I repeat my challenge here for ANY member of Congress willing to take it up – Explain to the Framers and Fathers how your “Yes” vote to arm and train the standing Syrian Free Army squares with Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. Put another way, why do you believe that spending US Tax Dollars on a foreign, non-recognized governmental army – is Constitutional? Put it in writing, or leave me a voice mail (209-565-DAVE). If you can make it fly to me, I’ll sing your praises.

But the truth is I won’t have to, because not one of them has the courage or the knowledge to successfully complete the challenge.

Not one.

And the whole point of the Annenberg Study is that 2/3rd’s of the Citizenry can’t either.

Turns out that the City of Modesto HAS SHUT OFF THE RED LIGHT CAMERAS at various intersections throughout the city. But they decided not to tell anybody on the assumption that they (the cameras) deter people from running the lights, and if they aren’t on but nobody know that the deterrence element of them might continue to work. It is an interesting theory, and I’d be curious to see the hard data as to whether or not it worked. Now that the cat is out of the bag though, if it can be shown that accidents and injuries climb then there may be some validity to the decision to keep it quiet. The real control is the signs though – as long as those remain up the data won’t be as accurate as it should be. I just think that it would be interesting to see how it would actually work out. Conversely, is there hard data to show that accidents decreased while the cameras were operating?

Scotland overwhelmingly VOTED AGAINST LEAVING THE UNITED KINGDOM, but don’t kid yourself, “No” never means no to those who demand that they get their way. Those who lost yesterday have already “vowed” to keep “fighting” for Scottish independence. So soon we will have to do this all over again.

On this Day in 1796, WASHINGTON’S FAREWELL ADDRESS WAS PUBLISHED. Given our nations state today, it’s worth a read agan.

Interwoven as is the love of liberty with every ligament of your hearts,

no recommendation of mine is necessary to fortify or confirm the attachment. 


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