Seven Days in Hell

Frankly, I think that most of those so-called “Awareness Campaigns” are pretty much a bunch of self-important blowhards who are trying to guilt you into being aware” of whatever issue that they have decided is most important to them, while drawing attention to themselves in a way designed to make it seem as if thy aren’t craving attention even though that’s what the whole thing is really about in the first place (see the Ice Bucket Challenge).

So what I will tell you now is not my attempt to make you aware of the issue of bi-polar illness, it’s my opportunity to vent what has been pent up in me for literally days of being locked in my bedroom with my son or having to leave my home with him during a lulls in the storm, while my wife, so recently out of surgery, tried to fight what we always knew would be a losing battle to try and maintain a level of sanity. Late Sunday night, things had finally spiraled so far out of control that Law Enforcement had to become involved, long made plans had to be cancelled, and schedules changed. Everybody – including my precious listeners – is being effected by this. You may not not “be aware of it,” but it is happening.

As things stand right now, Ben and I remain at home while Cami – still not recovered from her own surgery – goes again to the Hospital and medical professionals who know so much and yet so little about why somebody’s brain doesn’t work the way it is supposed to work and try to find answers to why our family member has to suffer. We get to see again how a single brain not working correctly ends up with the whole the neighborhood staring out their windows and making assumptions about what just happened.

So the next time you encounter somebody who seems frazzled and stressed, don’t assume things. Believe me, they (and by that I mean “me”) don’t want to talk to you about what is happening with their ill family member, but they’d like you to know that even the people who aren’t ill are deeply and badly effected by what is going on. This is the second time in my life that I have personally had to deal with this, the first time it destroyed my (first) marriage and my second career. The costs of the second bout have yet to be calculated, but hopefully will be far less severe.

The family wide effects of mental illness are devastating and horrifying. And if you are “not aware” of them, I hope and pray that you never have to experience them. If you are “aware” of them, then G-d bless you for having gone through what can only be described as a living hell and coming through stronger and better people.

Before I left I had promised that I would be in regular contact and keep up with things, texting the show and all of that. And now you know why that I wasn’t able to do any of those things. See? It effects you too. And now I get to try and put all that out of mind and head into the week of the typical “Topic A” stuff.

See ya’ll Monday at 3pm.


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