More Important Than the Presidents Repetitious ISIL(S) Speech

The President spoke tonight about his IS Stratagem, but here’s the thing, as he spoke, and even right now, an 11 year old little precocious little boy is lying in a UC Davis IC Ward room WITH A BULLET WOUND TO HIS HEAD put there on purpose last Sunday morning at 1am, by (from all accounts) a drunk and high seventeen year old. In my little corner of the world, this is a more important, although not “bigger” on the world stage story. Hunter Davis is – as I know him – one of “those” kids, you know what I mean, the neighborhood waif who is always hustling for a few dollars (“Hey, Mister, can I mow your lawn, or sweep your sidewalk?”). And I am *that* guy, you know, the dude who can’t let down his guard for minute and has to say to himself that this little kid is just scamming him and tying to case his home. As it turns out, Hunter isn’t that kid and thankfully, pretty much everybody but me knew it. So when he got shot in the head, probably just for being where he was, it kinda shook up the whole neighborhood, even if it really didn’t surprise anybody when it happened where it happened – the local hooligan house at one in the morning.

Look, there are a million questions about why he was there, but he was with his older brother, and for kids who don’t seem to have much going on in the home life structure, sometimes the best that can be hoped for is to have a brother by your side. And the world has changed I guess, these days being out and about at 1am on a Sunday morning doesn’t seem to be all that big of a deal. Maybe they were expected to be there all night. Maybe nobody cared that a drunk and high 17 year old with a loaded gun would be there. Or maybe nobody knew that would be a factor. Who knows?

What I do know is that the last time I talked to Hunter I wasn’t buying his shtick, even though I probably needed some minor yard work done and didn’t want to do it myself. It might have cost me a few bucks and a can of soda, but I wasn’t having any of that. I don’t think that would have saved him from all of this, but what if it had helped just a bit?

I don’t worry about Ben becoming a neighborhood stray, but if by some off chance he did, would I want the other guys like me to blow him off or would I want him to take an interest in a little boy that nobody else seemed to give a damn about? After all my Boys & Girls Club experience, you’d think that I would have recognized and seen that. But I didn’t.

And now some jackass with booze, weed and a gun has probably made sure that nobody ever will.

Like I said, the President spoke tonight about his IS Strategy, but lets face it, nothing that he said is going to change the geopolitical  realities that (a) the IS may inspire “lone wolf” attacks in Europe and the America’s, that while spectacular and terrorizing, will kill less people than auto accidents occurring in the same month, and (b) The IS will continue to kidnap and behead western journalists dumb enough to think that they “have” to go to Syria to “bring us the story.” Does that mean that we should do nothing? Nope. But anything short of a commitment to ToTally eradicate the self-declared Islamic State and its caliphate, there is nothing we do will make any serious dent in their rhetoric or Tweets. And I was not only 100% certain that we we won’t get that tonight, I wouldn’t even take a bet on it because I’d have feel guilty about stealing your money on it. So it’s “Bomb’s Away!” with a “broad coalition” and “bi-partisan support” even though he “has the authority” to bomb ISIL. Stop me if you’ve heard this all before.

If two completely unrelated politicians running for School Board Office list the same address on the same street in the same city -which just happens to be in the district they are running in – and the thy both list the same guy – who is already on the School Board the two are running for and appear to be allied with politically – as the “person who can verify their residency, and the local newspaper notices this and then calls for the resignation of the incumbent member who was listed as being able to verify the now obviously falsified addresses, do you (a) go ahead and resign since it’s clear you no longer have the trust of the public, (b)  make a vague statement designed to distance yourself from the accusation by indicating that you don’t actually know or care where these people live, you just told them they could use you as  reference, not a verification, or (c) send out your minions to attack the newspaper for “POLITICALLY LYNCHING YOUR INCUMBENT.” If you guess anything other than (c) you haven’t been paying attention.


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