Once Again and More Than Ever

This feels like the first “normal” morning I have had in quite some time. We’ll see how long it lasts!

As I told ya’ll yesterday, Cami will be having a surgical procedure on Monday, and as I need to be there and to handle Ben post-op, I will be out next week. Monday will be a very short show anyway, as the NFL kicks off Monday Night Football with their traditional Double Header at 3:30pm Pacific, so I will be plausibly live for that 30 minutes. On Tuesday, the LPOV, Chatroom Jeff and Pat the Lawyer will be here, and after the debacle that was last Saturdays Constitution Thursday recording session, they are bursting to sink their teeth into the issues. On Wednesday the Behind the Badge Crew will be here. On Thursday, again a shortened show because of the NFL, we will have Wayne and Tom from the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau to talk farms, water and politics. And we’ll announce Friday’s guest host tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, I will return on Monday the 15th.

A man was shot and killed outside a Stockton bar yesterday. It isn’t so much a headline as it is a statistic. With his demise, STOCKTON HAS MORE MURDERS THAN LAST YEAR. Much progress has been made in reducing violence in Stockton, but not enough.

Guess who is blaming Obama and his Not-a-Strategy for the rise of ISIL? Hillary Clinton wants to be President, in fact, thinks that she is owed being President – guess she never heard of Senator Daniel Webster, eh? – and as I predicted long ago, found a wedge issue to divide herself from the President, although in fairness she took longer to do it than I figured she would. She made it clear last week, although the logic of it escapes me, that Obama’s FAILURE IN SYRIA LED TO THE RISE OF ISIL.

France has backed out of A DEAL FOR A WARSHIP THAT IT BUILT FOR RUSSIA. Back at the turn of the 20th Century, it was not unusual for nations to build warships for other countries, but in modern times it has become something of an unusual occurrence. In any case, the deal was for $1.7 Billion, money that France could surely use, but with Putin playing the aggressor and France having dealt twice in the last 150 years with European nonsense, they’ve decided to grow a pair and stop the transfer in its tracks.

Modesto High School’s Band Teacher has hit on the idea of RAISING FUNDS FOR NEW INSTRUMENTS via an online fundraiser. It’s actually a brilliant idea. Back in my day we had to sell candy or coupons or gym bags, stuff nobody really wanted and was way overpriced. It was a royal pain in the butt and it was never successful from an ROI perspective. This allows people to give whatever they want. A dollar, five, twenty, a hundred, with none of the stuff you don’t want and all of the money going to the project. As a former band geek, I heartily approve.


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