The Twilight Zone

I mentioned yesterday THIS COLUMN FROM A CANADIAN JOURNALIST who suggested that we should all just learn the Shahabad, the PLRI faith prayer and  few snippets of the Koran so that when the day comes that he knife is at our throats or the gun t the back of our heads, we can just recite it and voila! we’ll be saved! Putting aside the hypocrisy of making a statement of faith solely to save ones life as flying in the face of the true meaning of faith in the first place, does she not think that the PLRI terrorists read newspapers? Whatever test they devised today to test the validity of a given persons faith, will be changed and much harder tomorrow. This isn’t the Dread Pirate Roberts, they aren’t going to capture us and tell us each night that they’ll “most likely kill us in the morning.” These are filthy, insane, religious nut jobs who believe that they have to kill everybody who disagrees with them. 

And if you are going to tell me about the “Moderate” PLRIers finally condemning them, ask yourself a few pointed questions first:

  • Why does the PLRI seek to SILENCE THOSE WHO CRITICIZE IT? Are books and articles criticizing Judaism and Christianity subjected to lawsuits seeking to suppress the 1st Amendment?

  • Why do “Moderate” Muslims sue McDonalds over their menu items? Do Jews and Christians sue restaurants over the menu items? Or do they just go elsewhere to get what they want to eat?

  • Why do Muslims get to wear head coverings for Drivers Licenses in some States that do not allow other head coverings – including kippah’s?

The truth is that even “moderate” PLRIers are not about assimilation and cooperation, they are about domination and relegating every other belief and every other persons 1st Amendment rights beneath them. Don’t believe me? Walk around the Mall today and express your true feelings about the PLRI and see what happens to you. Believe me, if you hand out Christian Tracts criticizing the PLRI, you’ll find yourself in hot water P-D-Q. And not one person from the PLRI will ever say, “Hey, it’s ugly but he has a 1st Amendment Right to say stupid things…”

The President didn’t help himself this morning when he informed us that his new ISIL strategy is to “degrade and destroy” but later claimed that they are just a “manageable problem.” Oddly enough, the New York Times, LEFT OUT THAT PART OF HIS COMMENTS. I wonder why?

Vlad Putin has a solution to the Ukraine issue, and it even involves a ceasefire. As long as the UKRAINIANS MEET HIS DEMANDS for the ceasefire, that is, once of which is that Ukraine stops trying to defeat the separatists.

I still don’t buy all the handwringing over the hacked actresses nude pics. First off, when you or I get hacked they take our bank accounts and ID’s. But when the gorgeous young actresses get hacked they take the nude photos? Secondly, nobody is going to look t a nude pic of “JLaw” and say “Oh, that woman looks beastly!” As Apple says that they were not “hacked,” but the passwords were stolen directly from the actresses, I’d start looking for the common connection between them all. This smells to me like a publicity stunt.

Senator Roderick Wright is back in Court today for the 4th attempt at sentencing. He still CLAIMS THAT HE DID NOTHING WRONG, even though he was convicted.  think that he needs to change defense tactics and start asking why he was prosecuted for a crime for which white legislators don’t even get investigated when allegations are made.

Is your American kid having a bit of trouble getting into the UC System? Maybe a peck of issues getting signed up for the classes she or he needs? Maybe it’s because of the 2000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS (NON-VIETNAMESE) THAT JERRY BROWN LET INTO SCHOOL? By the by, even if you’re not having problems getting your kid into UC, you’re still paying for the illegal immigrants to go there.

I stumbled across this article this morning about THE DEEPER EPISODES OF THE TWILIGHT ZONE.  I was intrigued because it listed one of my favorites, “The Obsolete Man,” as one of the “deeper gems.” It is a great episode and I think that there are some great lessons applicable to today in it as well.


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