Eternal Peace – Vets Memorials Reconsidered

Remember that if Governor Jerry Brown, who last week welcomed all Illegal Immigrants (from Mexico) to California, had his way, THIS LOCAL SUCCESS STORY WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. Why not? Because Jerry Brown openly welcomes illegal immigrants, but he is not so towards the Vietnamese boat people (who also, by the by, gave us Sriracha Sauce).

Ever since the law against texting while driving passed, there has been complaining about the fact that Law Enforcement is exempt. Now, two things here, first, Legislators wrote the law, but second, somebody put it in their heads that Law Enforcement needed to be exempt from this stupid law. Who was that somebody? Whoever they were, do they bear any responsibility for a fatal “Texting While Driving incident” in which a SoCal Deputy hit a man and ran him over while typing on his in-car computer? And WHY ARE THERE NO CHARGES IN THE MATTER? Clearly the Deputy was driving distracted. The answer is because the Legislature exempted Law enforcement. Maybe instead of taking bribes lobbying for Plastic Bags, they could pass a law to un-exempt Law Enforcement as well?

Of course, the hubris of power as demonstrated by the “do as we say but not as we do” attitude took a hit when this Humbolt County Park Ranger WAS PHOTOGRAPHED DOING A BAD THING. He’s been removed from duty.

Former Congressman Allan West has been making some waves with his recent column about HOW THE PRESIDENT’S USE OF THE TERM “ISIL” instead of “ISIS” is a de facto proof that the President is  PLRI sympathizer. Look, I don’t particularly care for the President ether, but let’s not stretch half-truths and historical application of phrases too far. The simple fact is that “Levant” is an Old English word that literally means “Eastern Mediterranean.” In other words, it means exactly the area that ISIL aims to claim, the ancient province of Hatay of the Ottoman Empire, with Iraq thrown in for good measure. As for “ignoring the map,” as the former Congressman claims, It would be impossible to argue that “the map” means anything to a region that for centuries has been defined by tribal and sectarian boundaries, not Winston Churchill’s lines on a piece of paper as drawn less than 100 years ago. “Levant” is a descriptive term, not a boundary, any more than Baja California is a part of the United States because it has “California” in it’s name, or Moscow, Idaho is a part of Russia because it has “Moscow” in the name.

As NATO meets to decide what to do about Russia, we find that once again, the large NATO powers with strong economies (relative to others), such a Germany are CUTTING THEIR DEFENSE BUDGETS, with the same old plan of relying on the US to provide for most of the operational elements of any NATO action. Given the realpolitik of Barack Obama, that may not be the best plan for defending against Russia.

The Pope has been pushing hard about “economic fairness” and how the rich should pay more, etc. The problem is that the rich people who support his church aren’t all that impressed by what he has to say about them and are starting to THREATEN TO PUSH BACK AGAINST HIS PREACHING. The Pope’s Office says that they (the rich) are “misunderstanding the Holy Father’s message,” which means that they probably do understand it quite well.

For those of me who seem reticent to add names to war memorials, I might have to reconsider after seeing this video of the interment of USS Arizona Survivors:


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