Worrisome Trends

Mr. Atoz’s Library nearly killed Kirk, Spock and McCoy

Am I the only person who questions the logic of the following statement? “A VIBRANT LIBRARY SYSTEM WILL PLAY A VITAL ROLE IN THE ECONOMIC RECOVERY OF THE CITY.” Look, I get the whole literacy thing, believe me, I read incessantly. But I cannot even tell you the last time I was in a Public Library (I think it was 1978). I don’t know anybody who goes to the library to learn to read, nor anybody who uses the Public Library as their PRIMARY source of informational input. With the exception of Homeless people, who I am told are the primary reason most people do not go to the Library, who is actually using a City’s Public Library in a manner that will result in “economic recovery?” With the ubiquitous availability of internet access and reader apps and web sites, what exactly does a public library do that is a beneficial ROI (return on investment)? Once upon a time, sure. But today, what precisely does it do? I am sure that I will be labeled as “anti-library,” but that does not address my actual question – what specifically does a public library do that aids in the economic recovery of a city?

“A worrisome trend?” Remember how Pelosi et al got upset at the idea that businesses would stop providing insurance and dump their people onto Obamacare (he loves that name!)? How about the fact that now, Covered California, our version of Obamacare (he loves that name!) is an outright scam that is DUMPING PEOPLE ONTO MEDI-CAL? Rest assured that the “fix” for this will not be just going back to the way it way, it will be single payer, which was exactly the plan all along. They knew that this ACA would never work, and they wanted it to fail as well, so that they could “fix” it. How is this any different than Ron Calderon’s Water Board Scam? 

I am not sure what to believe anymore. Congressman Luis Gutierrez keeps going on to any Talking Head that will have him and changing the number of undocumented illegal immigrants that President Obama is going to magically free with his pen and phone. Conventional wisdom says that if the President does this, it will guarantee a loss of the Senate in November, which is what I believe he wants anyway. Two years of “See, they won’t work with me” as he veto’s bill after bill “on behalf of the American People,” will play to the left base and grind away at the people who hate gridlock. But now, some are claiming that after a “bold” move by the President, the angered GOP, led by Talk Radio, WILL SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT and thus save the Senate and some House seats for the Democrats. This is the point we have reached as a nation – no longer is the discussion “Is it beneficial to the nation and Constitutional?” Now it’s cold political calculations for hanging on to power.

As many have suspected all along, it seems that many more than just “some” of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN ARE NOT CHILDREN after all.

What is it with Rappers and ISIL? The “American” who was killed this week, Douglas MacArthur McCain, whose parents were obviously fans of American military leaders, but failed to teach him to live up to his name, WENT FROM BEING A RAPPER to being a ISIL terrorist. In any case, he is now worm food.

Okay, so the “leaders” of California’s Higher Education System have a plan for dealing with the lack of BA degrees in the job market. Instead of the pretend necessity of a BA to do a job that requires intelligence and skill, but not an expensive college education, they have a plan to insure that you get a BA degree. The plan? Easy peasy, just HAVE COMMUNITY COLLEGES AND VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS hand out BA’s!  That way they can still convince every kid in this State that if they don’t have a tax-payer funded outrageously expensive College experience, they cannot do anything in life. 

The 2014 DBS Fantasy Football League has 14 confirmed teams for the season, which means that there is room for six more teams. If you want to play, eMail ffl@thedavebowmanshow.com and we’ll get you in. I am going to shut down the adds on Sunday night, so don’t wait.


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