I realize that as I age I become something of an anachronism, a child of the 60’s and 70’s I was there when computers were programmed in Octal and played chess. If I were to put together a list of the things that I miss most, at or near the top of that list would be my war – the Cold War. Yeah, I get it, the whole Mutual Assured Destruction (a complete lie), hair-trigger lifestyle of the 60’s was nerve-wracking and all, but – and this is proving to the case – the world was a lot more stable and PLRI terrorists understood their place in it. If you ever wonder why the PLRI didn’t mess with the Russians, well, they actually did. ONCE. JUST ONCE. And never, ever again.

The video of the execution of James Foley says more about the IS than they are just insane terrorist thugs with a theological axe to grind. It shows that THEY ARE ELEARNING FROM THEIR ERRORS and getting better at the public relations game.

The British MI5 folks… or possible MI6 except that they do not admit that MI6 actually exists, and if they did they would call it MI7… ARE CLOSE TO IDENTIFYING JIHAD JOHNNIE, the executioner of James Foley. What a shocker that he may be a rap music performer.

As the Michael Brown FUNERAL UNFOLDS THIS MORNING one thing is abundantly clear – this isn’t so much a funeral as a political rally. Spike Lee, who didn’t know Michael Brown, never met or ever cared about Michael Brown, just made his princely entrance. There are infinitely more Administration Officials representing the President at this funeral than at the funeral for Major General Greene. The fire and passion that is about to be issued will rival that of a Palestinian Mosque on a Friday.

Sunday’s 6.0 Magnitude quakes was A NON-EVENT IN THE DELTA. Well, other than the Facebook posts and watching the news about it anyway…

Over the weekend the news broke that even more “Disability” lawsuits are hitting the area, INCLUDING ONES FILED BY AN ARIZONA PEDOPHILE. The fact is that the Legislature is incapable and unwilling to address the abuse as they are beholden to the trial lawyer lobby (see Prop 46). But the real question is, does coverage of these abuses help the problem or make it worse?

The man with TB that the Health Department Officials has arrested last month to protect the community from his disease has BEEN ORDERED TO BE RELEASED because he wasn’t told that he had a right to representation.

Odd isn’t it? Dan Walters points out that NUMEROUS LEGISLATORS DO NOT LIVE IN THEIR DISTRICTS, but only the Los Angeles guy gets charged for it. Of course, he lied to a jury about it, which led to his conviction. Walters points out that violations of the law are “selectively enforced,” but what he doesn’t say is that so far, it’s only African-American legislators charged in the scheme to break the law. The white guys accused of the same thing get a pass. I wonder how long it will be before Rod Wright figures that out?


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