The Ebola

A woman in Sacramento is BEING TESTED FOR THE EBOLA since she may have been recently exposed to it. Time to crank up the panic machine and go all out. Or alternatively, we could take a dispassionate look at the facts. First, she “may” have been exposed, meaning that she may have exchanged bodily fluids with someone who has Ebola. Second, simple math tells me this, not a single one of the people who will try to create panic and AHTism over this (a) know this woman or (b) have exchanged bodily fluids with her. Third, since we won’t know for “several days” the results of the test, what better time than to go on a AHT rant about how the government is covering this up? That way when the tests come back negative, it can be claimed that it’s all a cover up! Right now, right here in our area a young girl that many of us have met over the years is suffering and recovering from West Nile virus (and now add a second student with the virus). Oddly enough, the early symptoms are pretty much the same as the Ebola, and the fact is that YOU are millions of times more likely to get West Nile since YOU live in its wheelhouse and get bitten by its primary mode of transmission almost every day. So, where’s the panic over that? I’ll tell you why there isn’t one – because nobody has yet come up with a plausible to gullible people AHT about it. As soon as somebody does, watch out!

Meanwhile over where the Ebola actually is infecting people, RIOTS HAVE BEGUN as the governments there attempt to quarantine. There will not be a Jake Tapper or Don Lemon over there to cover these riots. 

Now that the riots seem to be RUNNING OUT OF STEAM IN FERGUSON, stand by for the next Zimmerman trial. Only this time, if there is an acquittal, all hell will break loose in Ferguson again.

Some are actually blaming Unions for what is happening n Ferguson – and by extension nationwide. They are using the “disconnect” of Unions, which are usually about labor and work, from the “struggle of young people.” Just a suggestion here, if there were any actual jobs for young people, would they be rioting in Ferguson? The Union activist position is that BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEING MURDERED BY THE POLICE and they need to get involved. Can’t wait to see how…

I know most of you don’t care, but Norwich City won a very exciting match yesterday, 3-1 over Blackburn. After being down 0-1 in the first half, City rebounded to tie the game early in the second half, and then scored late and in extra time to seal the deal. On the Ball City!


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