Coming Soon To A City Near You

Just in case you were wondering what is going on in Sacramento and the State Legislature, you’ll be happy to know that they will not ask the voters to decide whether or not SUSPENDED STATE SENATORS SHOULD STILL GET PAID for not working. Also they have made sure to tell the Washington Redskins that they think that the team should change its name. Now that the water bond is done, they can tackle the weightier issues, right?

The night in Ferguson might have been the best example yet of a made for TV media event. From Fox News not just live casting the events, but doing so in a tape delay to make sure that the fires kept burning all night long, to CNN’s painfully uncomfortable interview with the State Police Captain who clearly has zero training in media relations or an understanding as to why he shouldn’t try to buddy up to reporters. The whole night was nothing more than people acting and TV News sucking it up. Of course IT WON’T BE REPORTED THAT WAY because that doesn’t fit the narrative, but my guess is that, oh, say, 99.5% of Americans have already figured out that the “riots” in Ferguson ceased being about the shooting of Michael Brown about the time the first TV crew showed up on the scene. By this time, if you are a legitimate protestor in Ferguson, why bother? You (a) aren’t going to be heard and (b) not getting on TV and (c) are looking silly as you run up and down the line yelling for whoever threw something at the Police to step forward and stop that.

Don’t worry though, today the news heads will be full of stories about how “out of control” last night was and how the “Police inflamed the crowd with charges and tear gas,” and how tonight has the potential to be deadly. It’s like a teaser for Shark Week, “Come watch us tonight as we bring you all the violence and mayhem you crave with a side of racism thrown in for good measure!” When this is all over, books are going to be written bout how the media not only fanned these flames, but basically brought the tinder, the wood, the gasoline and the match.

Oh, and it’s only a matter of time before “the next Ferguson” happens here in California. I predict that it will be in Compton, where SCHOOL POLICE WILL SOON BE ARMED with AR-15’s.

Californians may be going all Lord of the Flies on each other over water. Farmers are now being ACCUSED OF ILLEGALLY DIVERTING WATER meant for other users downstream.

Seems like Stockton didn’t learn any lesson from the MYSA when it went through basically the same problems with parking fees. On the other hand, the MYSA didn’t have TRAFFIC BACKED UP ONTO THE 99 and people yelling obscenities at them.

Turns out that the reason Americans don’t seem to buy into the Global Warming scheme isn’t because the Earth isn’t warming or because they’ve figured out that the Earth goes through tens of thousands of years cycles of ice ages and melting. As it seems, it’s because 99.5% OF AMERICANS ARE UNSOPHISTICATED. For those of you in Keyes, that means most of us are just dumb.

Most of you know that I love Yosemite, and while the summer has rolled on, maybe you’ve missed the really cool pics of the DC-10 Tanker fighting the fires up there. It’s too late for this year, what with Ben starting Pre-Scool and Cami’s upcoming surgery, but next year, I am spending way more than two days up there, hopefully as soon as Tioga Pass reopens. As of last night, the Junction Fire has burned more than 1200 Acres and taken out eight “structures” near Oakhurst.

Dave's Doughnut Reciept

Dave’s Doughnut Reciept

I wasn’t all that surprised yesterday by the passion that you listeners have for donuts. I was however, taken slightly aback by the caller who accused me of “getting free donuts.” I do not get free donuts from the local place or the corporate place. I don’t even get a senior discount, like I am sure the caller does because she seems the type that always brings it up at the register after the clerk has rung her up and with half  dozen people with places to be behind her… you know how old people are, am I right?


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