What Is The Difference?

Here’s a thought that I received from a fellow submariner:

Boy, all these militia blowhards couldn’t wait to go get killed for some old white guy illegally grazing his cattle, but actual police state tyranny going down in Missouri (against black people). . . <crickets> You all can quit pretending you give two sh**’s about the Constitution now.

I think that it does raise an interesting point. Present company excepted – as I was am still and always will be given the present circumstances, pretty much the only Conservative Chat Show Host who opposed Bundy from the get-go – but if the Rand Paul’s and other Libertarians of the world were so “gun-ho” (ba-dump-pish) to save Bundy from the Militarized Government agency, why not now? Is it as simple as skin color? How many of you recall the BUNDY RANT ON AFRICAN-AMERICANS? So what is the reason why there hasn’t been a flocking to Ferguson to oppose the Police, I mean, other than by looters?

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