The Sacramento Whatever’s

It’s no longer a theoretical exercise as it appears that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT CHILDREN ARE NOW GOING TO BE HOUSED AT THE SHARPE DEPOT. This means that they will be in schools in the area this year as well. Governor Brown, who metaphorically fought tooth and nail against having the Vietnamese Boat People coming into California, recently complained that rich people aren’t having kids because, “Half the kids in public schools don’t speak English,” has no understanding of why that is the case, and now we can add even more stress and cost to our school systems.

IMG_20140811_113221Here is one of the listener pics of the City of Modesto washing down a tennis court near Johansen High School with a fire hose. If YOU did this and got caught, you’d get at least a $500 fine. Do as the City says, not as they do…Producer Kevin has seen a local business which shall not be named but it rhymes with Taco Bell, who clams tht their sprinklers, which are watering the sidewalks, are “on a timer at the corporate office.” Look, I get the whole “it’s government caused argument.” That’s what caused it, and you’ll get no argument from me about it. But the simple fact is that NOBODY, not even Tim Donnelly, is going to be ale to make it rain, which means even if we raise every dam in the State 18′ today – there still isn’t any water to fill them. If we’re careful, we won’t need rationing, but if we continue to corporately ignore the situation, believe me, our State Government will use the crises as an excuse to seize ever more power and expand even larger.

There is still a great deal of finger pointing at Farmers ACCUSED OF ILLEGAL WATER DIVERSIONS. Is it happening? Investigation will determine, but it is also a manifestation of the Good Chap Rule.

Good news for Producer Kevin… this years Statewide Walnut HARVEST IS AN ALL-TIME RECORD.

The man who started a spate of interwebs aluminum hat theories and the Rim Fire said that he is not a really bad human being yesterday. Okay, seriously, he PLED NOT GUILTY TO STARTING THE RIM FIRE. Don’t worry, those rumors haven’t stopped, in fact, now that he’s been charged, they have gone to the “that’s what you’d expect them to say” stage.

Did Nancy Pelosi Pelosi’s husband screw over a former NFL Coach? Seems that the Pelosi’s were at least part owners of the now defunct Sacramento Whatevers (Mountain Lions, Dave – editor) of the United Football League, and they hired Dennis Green to coach the team because if you have a collection of stiffs and wannabe’s why wouldn’t you hire a million dollar coach to run the team? At any rate, now that the latest pretend football league has collapsed, Dennis Green wants to get paid, and an ARBITER AGREED THAT MR. PELOSI OWES HIM THE MONEY. So why hasn’t he paid up? 



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