Jakob the Liar

Stanislaus County Farm income blew through the old RECORD TO HIT $3.66 BILLION. Led by Almonds, milk fell to second place in the record setting year. Oddly enough, some on the City Council want to reduce that economic activity and pave under the trees for “business parks” which would supposedly generate tax base, but one has to question the value of that tax base. Would it generate the equivalent value of $3.55 Billion in income?

While some disagree with me, I still believe that Chief Eric Jones has demonstrated everything we want in a Police Chief in dealing with the aftermath of the Misty Holt-Singh murder. At HIS PRESS CONFERENCE YESTERDAY he told us what we already knew, that Misty was hit by Police bullets while being used as a human shield by the coward who took her hostage.

The pattern of the day seems to be to share favorite Robin Williams moments or movies, I have two. The first is from one of his live performances when he talks abut holding his son and the dreams he has for him. He wonders and hopes that he will become a great man, a doctor, or a Nobel Laureate. He then adds, “I have this other dream where he says, ‘You want fries with that?'” I relate to that moment now more than I ever imagined I would when I first heard him say it. My favorite movie was one that it seems few people have seen, but I think that it was his best. “JAKOB THE LIAR,” has him playing a bitter Jewish man who for whom there is nothing left to live, until he accidently hears a Nazi radio talking about how close the Russians are to his ghetto. He makes the mistake of telling one of his friends who is about to commit suicide and then he is compelled to keep embellishing the story as it gives more and more people in the Jewish Ghetto of a small polish town hope. Add in a little girl who escaped the trains who attaches herself to him, and you have a story about how people can hold on to the slimmest of hopes in the darkest of moments. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 1.5 stars, but frankly I think it’s because people don’t want to see a comedian take on a hard subject. It’s worth the watch.

There is still an interesting study in human nature in the reaction to his passing. From outright depression to those who who protest any tribute as unworthy, it’s a pretty clear view of how humans react based on their cognitive biases. Some say that any tribute is bad because he was unimportant in the big scheme because they believe that Talk Radio should ONLY be about issues, and anything that distracts from the ISSUES is de facto bad. Others believe that those who demand no tributes are callous and irrational as clearly the man brought a great deal of joy to the world, even if he wasn’t a soldier.

Likewise, the views that any given person holds as to the Tony Stewart situation can be seen clearly as tied to their own personal experiences and self-declared area of expertise. Those who have driven race cars – of any type – are almost unanimous in their belief that it was impossible for him to have acted intentionally, while those without such experience are almost unanimous that he could have acted with intent. Both views are based on the individuals interpretation of the visual evidence, with not a single person asking or considering what Tony Stewart may or may not have said to indicate his state of mind at the moment of the event. I personally don’t think that we will ever know for certain, but I enjoyed the study.

Some of you have asked about the STORY OF THE SOLOMON’S ISLANDER WHO RESCUED Lt. John F. Kennedy after the loss of PT-109. He was 93 and passed away on August 2, and one has to consider the impact of one mans actions on history.

I’m always iffy on stories like THIS ONE ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON being a ToTaL slob. There’s no money n people telling the Post or writing books about what a great guy he was and how he gave money to charity, et al. But there is money in telling us the scurrilous details of the private life of what was obviously a very damaged human being. I’ve always had mixed feelings about MJ, as there is simply no denying his musical talent, but there is also no denying his creepiness. People want to hear the bad stuff, so they tell the post and cash a cheque, now that the guy cannot defend himself. For all I know, all of this story may be true, but I also now that there are things about all of us that none of us would want out after we’re gone.


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