Russia Nuke-you-Lahr Bombers!!!!

It’s Friday, so we’ll have the “WEIRD STORY OF THE WEEK” in the 5pm hour. Plus we’ll have a HUGE announcement today that you are not going to want to miss. As you know, Andy Dean is leaving the air after tonight, and we’ll let you know who will be replacing him come Monday.

I love websites like this one, which shall not be named ( who use sensationalisticRussian Nuclear Bombers headlines to scare you – “Russian Nuclear (sorry, nuke-u-lahr) Keep roaming Closer To US Airspace” –  with menacing photos like the one to the right. If you cannot figure out why this is toro poo-poo, I cannot help you.

The PLRI – especially as practiced in the Middle East by the likes of ISIS is nothing more than a sick, twisted, psychotic use of religion for sexual abuse. But hey, if you’re a hot western gal with nothing better to do, you can GO TO IRAQ AND BED A JIHADI to support his efforts for Allah. I’m pretty sure that age isn’t a factor, either.

And as it turns out, the people that the Peshmerga left behind to face the ISIS alone, aren’t Christians, they are in fact, Yazidi’s, which are a group of monotheists – which does not mean that they believe in the same Deity that you believe in – who’s chief messenger is the Peacock Angel. In the IDIC world I live in, it doesn’t matter to me what they believe, but I wonder if their religions beliefs factored into THE DECISION TO BOMB ISIS? It shouldn’t have, but I have this nagging feeling that it did.

Will the City of Manteca decide to pursue a homeless shelter? After this weeks aborted City Council meeting, a MOVE IS ON TO OPEN A SHELTER, even though there is also strong and traditional resistance to the idea. If it’s well run, it will work and relieve pressure on City resources. If it’s run badly, it could become a Mecca for homeless drug vagrants.

A great example of the “sunk loss” theory in action. The Port of Stockton, having spent more than $20 Million Tax dollars, has discovered that the “Marine Highway” was a losing business model. On the plus side, they HAVE SUSPENDED ITS OPERATION, which in the world of government is somewhat, and pleasantly surprising. Although one wonders why they didn’t figure it out sooner?

I don’t buy the crowd estimates for the Modesto Grand Prix, especially SINCE IT’S THE CITY THAT’S COUNTING THEM. If they sold “7,200” tickets, that would have meant that nearly 5,000 kids would have to have come to get to the 12,000 they estimate. Now, think about this, is there anything in Downtown that is designed to attract a 10 and under demographic? So to what exactly did we “expose” 40% of the “estimated” audience? Did those 5000 kids go home and beg their parents to take them to Downtown for whatever they discovered there that wasn’t a Super Kart race?

Which is why we continue our listeners to go to Downtown Modesto and have a meal! Patronize a Downtown business that got hosed over by the City’s mismanagement of the Races and let them know that you support them!


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