Bad Form…

One of the hazards of being a professional chat show host (with a contract and everything!) is that on occasion you have to step on some toes and say things that some people don’t really want to hear. And when that moment comes, people who you’ve never heard from or of before, people who don’t listen to the show and have read only the offending section of the blog will come flying out of the ether to let you know that (a) they politely disagree or (b) strongly disagree or (c) hate you for ever suggesting that you disagree with their divinely inspired position and that you obviously serve the Satan.

Frankly, options (a) and (b) are fine with me. As the Rabbi’s teach, “If two people agree on everything, one of them isn’t necessary.”

Option (c) on the other hand is what is wrong with political and for that matter, civil, discourse in this country today.

For those of you who have been participating in a thoughtful and meaningful way, thank you.

For those who haven’t been so well mannered, let me set some things straight. Name calling will never be allowed here. If you think that to make your point you need to denigrate me – or anybody else for that matter – you will not be allowed to participate in my world. That’s right, MY world. There is no 1st Amendment here. You do not have a “right” to do something that every religion on the planet – including yours – teaches is wrong and then justify your actions by wrapping them in whichever Testament or text you happen to like. Take it some place where that kind of behavior is accepted by people who have no lives and who agree with everything that you think without discussion or thought.

Second, just because YOU disagree with ME doesn’t make ME wrong. And just because I disagree with YOU is doesn’t make YOU wrong. It means that WE disagree. If YOU want to change MY mind, use debate, discussion, logic, facts and the occasional anecdote (which are not facts), to convince me. Appeal to my emotions and concerns. Calling me names and “ignorant,” is proof positive that you aren’t interested in discussion, you’re here to bash me… on my site. Sorry, as my Daddy says, that dog don’t hunt.

And for the record I am not trying to change your mind. I am simply presenting my views and opinions. That’s what Talk Radio does.

If you are so emotionally invested in your opinion about any one man (or woman) that you are willing to degenerate into ISIS-esque accusations of apostasy because somebody disagrees with you, it’s time to re-evaluate your life’s paradigm and figure out when and how you decided to become such a person.

If your position is that anybody who disagrees with you is beneath you and your elevated opinion of not only your opinion, but yourself, save it for somebody who hasn’t spent eleven years of his life sleeping between 100KT nuclear weapons 400 feet underwater. Believe me, you’re not saying anything that is new, or contributing in any meaningful way.

For those of you who don’t want to play nicely and work well with others, consider this: do you really want a man who has a Chat Show talking about what jerks your Candidates supporters are on the air everyday for another year and a half? Trust me – all of the local show hosts talk to each other, and opinions are already being formed about you and your behavior. There’s a word that’s being batted about to describe you.

And that word is: Paulista-like. I’m personally lobbying for “Carsonistas,” which has a nice Latin food flare to it while expressing the same disdain for the behavior of people who don’t seem to get that is not how you to get anybody to listen to them.

Is that what you’re aiming for? If so you are succeeding. If not, it’s time to change your tone. It’s solely your decision, but in any case, your behavior will not be tolerated here.


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