Our Unqualified Candidate Is Better Than Theirs?

Dr. Ben Carson

The countdown is on for 2016, and as much as we hate to admit it, the Presidential campaign is already on, albeit in the infancy stage. I was bemused by the eMail I got yesterday offering us a guest who interviewed Dr. Ben Carson with the hook of “Yes, Ben would run!” Of course, when you drill down what you find is that what actually happened was Dr. Carson answered a ridiculous question posed in a way that is not functionally possible and whether or not if this amazing miracle and impossible thing happened he would “accept the nomination? Duh, of course he said yes. I would have said yes. You would have said yes, Daniel Webster would have said yes. 

I was asked via the text machine what I think of Dr. Carson, I presume that the texter meant as a Presidential Candidate. So, I think that by all accounts he’s a great surgeon with numerous honors and published papers. Other than give a speech about one issue in the nation, he’s not shown me that he is all that connected to the job, and frankly we’ve already had one too many amateurs in the White House. Make him the Surgeon General, I’m cool with that. But what exactly has he shown that says this is the guy that you want with “phone and a pen” and his finger on the button? You can tell me all day long that you “think” or “believe” that he “has what it takes,” but what evidence of that do you have?

If we are going to be intellectually honest here, and we are critical of the press and the current President for being less than qualified to be President, then we are required to apply the same criteria to those candidates we like. We cannot accept an unqualified candidate simply because he believes in the same Deity and prays in a way of which we approve.

By the by, in the context of Presidential campaigns, General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked what he THINKS ABOUT FLAG OFFICERS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. His answer is spot on.

In what has to be a nightmare, the little boy who stabbed to death another little BOY WILL BE TRIED AS AN ADULT. Something is terribly wrong here, and whatever that might be, does it make sense that a 12 year old is competent as an adult?

The State Assembly killed a bill to ban e-cig vending machines. Not because the science is still unclear on the effects of vaping or because there was some technical or legal hurdle to overcome. They killed it because they were BUSY ACCUSING EACH OTHER OF NOT CARING ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH. So… in other words, in a fit of playground logic, the have allowed e-cig vending machines to be okay as a result of not caring about public health. Oh, and how much money from the tobacco lobby did the Democrats on the panel get?

The President said yesterday (again), that he cannot just bypass the Constitution. The Constitution contains a clause on it being Congress’s job to regulate immigration. So the POTUS said that he will SCOUR THE RULES AND REGULATIONS, presumably to find a way to get around said Constitution?

The Manteca City Council was supposed to take up the issue of the homeless dregs in Library Park this past week (If you’ve never been there, it may be one of the best examples in the Valley of homeless policy gone wrong), but NOBODY SHOWED UP FOR THE MEETING. And by “nobody” I mean the Council itself. Only one Councilmember show up. Now, in case you aren’t following the issue, the homeless problem in Manteca is (a) out of control and (b) a political football with the Council trying to figure out how to return the tax payer funded park to the tax payers without a bunch of lawsuits from “do-gooders” who spend their days feeding and preaching to the homeless in Library Park. I took Ben there once – before I understood the nature of the place – and literally, before we could get out the car, we were approached not by homeless (who were an obvious presence), but by Church folks who wanted to give us food and the Gospel. And it’s not just Manteca, STOCKTON HAS A VAGRANT PANHANDLING ISSUE AS WELL.

My friend Steve Frank takes up the issue of Prop 14 today. I believe that it is un-Constitutional and that it was agreed to by the GOP simply as a (mistaken) way of eliminating both the Libertarian Party and its influence in the GOP. Pointing out that California has THE most polarized legislature is THE EVIDENCE OF THE COMPLETE FAILURE OF PROP 14 – as advertised – is quite correct. The influence of Unions and the Munger is equally dangerous under the effects of the Prop. My issue continues to be its effect on third parties, but until we get to n election where the Greens and Libertarians (and others) have been wiped off the ballot – even in the Primary – nobody has standing to sue under the 1st and 14th Amendments.


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  1. You asked, “But what exactly has he shown that says this is the guy that you want with “phone and a pen” and his finger on the button?”

    For the past 35 years, career politicians have been using their phones and pens and trying to race to the top to be the next person to hover their finger over the button. Where has that gotten us? Is our country better off thanks to their great accomplishments?

    Meanwhile, Dr. Carson performed over 17,000 brain surgeries in 35 years, which averages out to 485 per year. Stop for a moment and imagine that today, tomorrow, the next day, and for years YOU have the responsibility of putting your “finger” into the brain of another human being, a child no less, while their loved ones wait outside the room to find out what the outcome of your actions will be. What skills, experience, strategy, leadership, courage, calmness, steadiness, confidence, education, common sense, and wisdom would be necessary to not only do that every day or twice a day, but to do it so well that you become a world-renown neurosurgeon? I can assure you he didn’t waltz into the operating room each day unprepared for the challenge, and he has the intelligence and ability to step up to any challenge he sets his mind to. He is also a man of integrity, and just as many people have trusted him with the lives of their children, I would trust him to serve as President of the United States.

    Dr. Carson doesn’t need experience playing the political game the way it’s been played for years. He is a scholar of history and understands, not just what is happening in our nation and in the world, but why it is happening. He understands cause and effect. He has more wisdom in that finger you’re worried about than most people have in their whole body. He knows how to diagnose problems, look at the best and worst case scenarios, and implement a plan that has the greatest likelihood of success. This means listening to everyone – not just a ‘yes man’ who already agrees with him. He takes the best ideas and gives people responsibilities in the areas of their strengths – not for political payback.

    You mentioned, “a speech about one issue in the nation.” In the National Prayer Breakfast speech in 2013 he addressed many of our nation’s problems, so you really should take the time to listen to it. Since you didn’t mention his books, “One Nation, ” and “America the Beautiful,” maybe you’re unaware of those and I would recommend you reading those also. You can find more information about him here: http://www.runbenrun.org and https://www.facebook.com/notes/national-draft-ben-carson-for-president-committee/new-to-our-page/630318407030393. After educating yourself about Dr. Carson, you’ll be more prepared next time someone asks you what you think about him “via the text machine.” 🙂


  2. Howard Stoner

    Regarding your comments about Dr. Carson:

    It is quite true that he has no “political” experience in the conventional sense of the word. But consider what those with vast political experience have brought us to.

    Some would say that he does not have the experience to assume the role of Commander-in-Chief, positioned to make life and death decisions under pressure. But that has been the essence of his entire professional career.

    The simple truth is that no one man or woman can magically–by phone or pen–command and control the vast American enterprise according to his or her whim…….and that is a good thing.

    What is needed in the Presidency is a person of the highest quality, who seeks to treasure and preserve all that is best about America.

    Dr. Ben Carson, I believe, is just such a person.


  3. Dear Dave,
    Does experience equate wisdom, does experience equate goodness, and there literally hundreds of experienced evil people that could do the job. Aside from his PhD, his eloquence, his UNIFYING speech and presence, his incredible depth of understanding of world history, I challenge you to find anyone in Washington with these qualifications, only one man outside of Washington does….Dr. Benjamin Carson.
    This nation is a miracle and only those that have 2 qualities can and should lead it:
    First they must love it
    Second they must have the education to understand historically how unique it is.
    Dr. Carson could become as beloved as Lincoln……………


  4. Hello Dave,
    I appreciated the article because it asks a very pertinent question. And, it seems that although you may have been impressed with one of Dr. Carson’s speeches, he does not carry the particular credentials that impress you. That may say more about you than Dr. Carson.
    If are intellectually honest, are you sincerely asking the question with an open mind, or with a closed mind? While you are asking for evidence of Dr. Carson’s experience that would enable him to be a good President of the United States, you already know he has no public political experience. Let’s be genuine. I believe you have been paying attention to what has been happening to the United States with such men and women of ‘experience.’ People with the ‘experience’ you seek have been ambitious, narcissistic, and power hungry for the most part during this nation’s history. Of course there are some exceptions – men of honesty and integrity who were humble, and who actually struggled to maintain fundamental principles established by the Founding Fathers. However, ‘experienced’ people have often placed a priority on personal political gain and securing precious political power for their respective political parties.
    The great public servants who stand out in history are the ones of exceptional character – not the ones with great resumes. Two of the most outstanding examples of men with very little political experience are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
    There were many in Washington’s generation with experience of being Presidents of the Second Continental Congress. They obviously had more experience than Washington who had primarily military experience. Why then, did they elect Washington as the first president?
    Abraham Lincoln served a few terms as a state representative in Illinois, but only one two-year term as a member of the House of Representatives. Yet, there were others of his generation with much greater experience than Lincoln in the GOP in 1860. Why was he chosen as the candidate?
    What you are missing in narrowing your parameters of qualification to ‘experience’ is a very important element in American political history. Trust in the character and integrity of an individual to take on awesome responsibility is not without merit. So, a better question may be focused on: Experience doing what?
    It is true that the quality of one’s character can be honed by one’s life experience. And, by your expectations, saving people’s lives doesn’t seem to carry much weight in shaping the quality of one’s character. By your parameters, experience with spending other people’s money and generating unsustainable pubic debt is an advantage. By your parameters, experience with scheming over how to retain political power at the expense of the people yields greater benefit than the quality of one’s character.
    Dr. Carson is an honest man, a man of integrity. He has spent most of his adult life charged with the awesome responsibility of people trusting him with their lives. In reality, Dr. Carson has not even stated that he would run yet. In a demonstration of humility, he said only if the people wanted him to run, he would run. This is a quality of character that is unique among political office seekers, even among many in our society. It is rare and quite unusual – but not a negative. Americans need someone to trust, and Dr. Carson is worthy of America’s trust. The foundation of the Union was based upon trust – not upon a great deal of experience.
    D. A. Jamison


  5. Dear Dave,

    It is with sincere interest that I read your piece suggesting that Dr. Ben Carson, esteemed retired director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, philanthropist (Carson’s Scholars Fund), winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, best-selling author and potential 2016 presidential candidate, is unfit to assume that high office.

    Now, Dave, I warn you that it has been less than sixty minutes since I finished viewing Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, 2016, and with renewed disgust and a fresh perspective, I promptly stumbled upon your literary bait…just my dumb luck. My mood is fragile, but my mind contemplates your tripe with vigor and a strange curiosity.

    I begin by noting your comment that Dr. Carson is “…a great surgeon with numerous honors and published papers…” and that he made a speech about one issue in the nation”.

    Yep, he’s just the world’s first to successfully separate twins, conjoined at the head. And Jack Nicholas is just a golfer who only plays one sport.

    That speech, to which you gingerly refer, was the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast. With a dispirited Barack Obama sitting nearby, this speech merely widened the grand stage onto which the good doctor would advance. It was the fourth speech that he had given that week, and he was returning to speak at that venue for the second time in sixteen years. It simply provided an opportunity for the world to witness the clear-thinking, affable wisdom of this brilliant man. Thank goodness for that.

    Dr. Carson spoke extemporaneously with conviction and vision about several contemporary subjects, beginning with the dangers of political correctness. He followed with life lessons taught by his illiterate mother, and then with warnings about the out of control National Debt, the urgent need for tax reform, the importance of principled living and the benefit of replacing Obamacare with health savings accounts Dr. Carson concluded with a vivid history lesson that inspired a young nation.

    Yep, it was just a simple speech…nothing of substance, really. Except that it rang some chimes and got everyone’s attention – even the President’s.

    Since that time, of course, Dr. Carson has made scores of speeches and appearances, always filled with believers in the Ben Carson persona. His popularity and message has only grown since that time, allowing him to articulate pragmatic solutions to unnecessarily complex and frustrating issues.

    A moral and soft-spoken man, Dr. Carson has a following that recognizes that, in lieu of traditional political baggage and slick promises, he has heart, intellect and an insatiable pursuit of American exceptionalism to guide him. Plus, he has renewed faith in this nation and its great people.

    America desperately needs someone of Ben Carson’s substance: an honest, straight-shooting, supporter of the Constitution and the rule of law, and believer in American exceptionalism. To be sure, his political credentials are woefully short.

    In this case, however, it is a good thing.

    William H. Edwards
    Oak Ridge, NC


  6. Jan Thompsen

    Sir, you ask , in essence, what exact qualifications has Dr. Carson shown to be worthy of the Presidency. I would say he exhibits the same qualifications as did our early presidents: they were moral, educated, and committed to upholding our Constitution. They were landowners and family men, not career politicians. They believed in small government and personal freedoms as hallmarks of a productive society.
    You suggest that our President was unqualified and we don’t need another. Sir, our President is managing to do exactly what he said he was aiming for: to fundamentally transform our country. He is pulling it off quite well indeed. The question is only what will be the intentions of the new president, whoever he might be.
    Dr. Carson is a deeply moral, courageous and strong minded man who has well documented his belief system as well as ability to perform under stress. For those of us who like his belief system, which by the way produced the most prosperous years of this country, we know he would surround himself with a team of the brightest and the best, and do what needs to be done, within obvious Constitutional restrictions. Read his books.
    Our career politicians should all be given their notice. They seem to have outlived their usefulness. I should think America is ready for a non-politician. One of this caliber doesn’t come along too often.


  7. What experience did George Washington have or Dwight Eisenhower? What they had was integrity and courage and believed that the strength of the country was empowering citizens and not bureaucrats.

    The problem with the country, in a nutshell, is that an elite ruling class has emerged which, in Dr. Carson’s words “tried to manage” the American people. We see this with Obama, and before with George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Bush Sr. Your notion of “qualification” basically boils down to someone credentialed from the ruling class who knows how the system is rigged and is not willing to seriously challenge the status quo.

    Sorry. Our government is corrupt, and it needs someone with integrity, intellect, and personal courage.


  8. Mr. Bowman, you are woefully ignorant about this man that you have judged “inexperienced” and therefore unqualified to be POTUS. The other responses to your piece have made many relevant points about Dr. Carson’s attributes and accomplishments that you obviously hadn’t considered, so I don’t need to repeat them here. But you need to read Carson’s books (he’s written six, including his latest that is a top best seller, ONE NATION.)

    Secondly, you obviously didn’t know that at the tender age of 32 when Dr. Carson became the youngest department head in the most prestigious hospital in the country, Johns Hopkins, he wasn’t hired for that position because of his vast experience in neurosurgery. They interviewed over twenty other physicians for the job, all of whom had more experience than Carson did. He was hired because he made such a spectacular impression on the interviewer with the vast depth and breadth of his knowledge in other areas, like history, the arts, philosophy and education.

    And lastly, the president Dr. Carson will hopefully be replacing isn’t failing because of his lack of experience. The only area he’s succeeding in is, ironically, in politics — because he says and does whatever is necessary to win, no matter how ugly, divisive, untrue or criminal it may be. But he’s failing miserably in the job because of his values, his overall incompetence, his indecision, his naivete, his irresponsibility, his cronyism, his contempt for America, her Constitution & laws, her capitalism, her military and the hard-fought victories it won in places like Iraq, her security and sovereignty and the country’s basic goodness. Dr. Carson is exactly the opposite of all those things. He shares NOTHING in common with our current president except half his skin color….which ironically is the least important aspect of who he is and why Republicans like and respect him so much.


  9. Mr. Bowman,

    I heartily concur with all of the reason’s given by earlier commenters for why Ben Carson should be the next President of the United States. There’s no point in rehashing them here.

    I will simply add this: In the darkest hours of American history, God has always raised up a leader to return our country to the light. Examples include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. All of these men were humble servants of their God first and their country second. They believed in the principles enumerated in our founding documents and they brought out the best in their countrymen, even those with whom they disagreed.

    Millions of Americans believe Dr. Ben Carson is the next in this line. He is clearly intelligent enough not to relish the dirty, nasty, hellish experience of a presidential campaign, and he certainly understands the size and scope of the job. Still, he will accept the challenge once he’s convinced that God and his fellow citizens are compelling him to do so. As I said, millions of Americans are clamoring for him to run – and soon it will be tens of millions.

    Don Volz
    New Braunfels, TX


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