Reaping the Fruits

The new Bay Bridge may turn out to be the biggest public works scandal ever, at least until the High Speed Rail and/or Delta tunnels get built. The pure political hubris is on full display for all Californians to see, and for some future unlucky motorist to meet head on when the Bridge has its inevitable fallout from the substandard construction and dangerous shortcuts. As the LEGISLATURE HOLDS HEARINGS ON THE BAY BRIDGE and its CalTrans report, the whole State is wondering what – if anything – can actually be done to make the Bridge up to standard and if anybody will ever be held responsible?

The Legislature has also been busy since the current session. Sure, passing unnecessary and useless laws, BUT MAINLY IN FUNDRAISING. To the tune of $56 Million in this session alone. The good news is that they passed a law to “black out” this time period for fund raising for the re-election campaigns, since it might look like they were taking campaign cash for votes on bills. Of course, that doesn’t keep PAC’s and Committees from funneling money to them during the “blackout period.”

The Governor has issued a letter to let the Legislature know that HE WANTS A $6 BILLION WATER BOND, but that will require a change to the existing Bond already on the ballot, meaning that there must be 2/3rd’s approval to get it changed. Oddly enough, the legal troubles of Leland Yee, Ron Calderon and Rod Wright have erased the Democrats 2/3rd’s Super-majority in the State Senate. So what will be the price of a couple of GOP State Senators to approve a change to the Bond?

For weeks we have seen pictures and video of Israeli Artillery shells hitting Gaza, Israeli tanks firing at Gaza, Israeli Jets dropping bombs on Gaza and even Israeli ships bombarding Gaza. What we have not seen are pictures or videos of the THOUSANDS OF ROCKETS BEING LAUNCHED by Hamas at Israel. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The moral of the story of THE FALL OF FOX-40’S SABRINA RODRIGUEZ is simple: drugs ruin lives.

Some of you have let me know that you are “disgusted,” “appalled,” and even “horrified” at my suggestion that had I been President in 2001, I would have launched a limited nuclear (sorry, nuke-u-lar) strike to eliminate Bin Laden and drop the Taliban into the trash bin of history. Today is, of course, a day that reminds us that in war, calculations are based on the end game and how many lives would be saved for a certain action versus how many would ultimately be lost if that action were not taken.  I submit to you that the lesson of Hiroshima is that war is terrible and to be avoided, but when forced upon us, it is to be fought with every weapon at hand and to the utter destruction of the enemy’s ability and will to fight. And that doing so saves lives. It might have been devastating and destructive, but my solution would have avoided the 13 years of carnage and destruction and loss of life that far exceeds anything a TRIDENT Missile would have done. History speaks to us today and reminds us that sometimes to save lives, hard choices must be made.

“The objective of war is not to die for your own country. It’s the make the other poor bastard die for his.” – Gen George S. Patton


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