It’s NOT The Number… It’s the Effect

Insofar as the spread of Ebola is concerned, can we just cut to the chase and accept that the #1 method of “BODILY FLUID TRANSFERS” is not eating infected bats or touching the dead bodies of Ebola victims? It’s sex. Unprotected sex. And it happens a lot in every country, but in Africa sex is already the hotbed of HIV transmission, so why would anybody assume that Ebola would be any different? Add in a few cultural factors, including the refusal of African governments and people TO TAKE BASIC PRECAUTIONS and you have the makings of a major disease outbreak. What makes this even sadder is (a) it’s basically preventable and (b) is now threatening the lives of the people who – G-d bless them – are trying to help people who seem unwilling to help themselves.

Well, isn’t that nice? Jeh Johnson, the Director of Homeland Security, says that he is READY TO MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS about the illegal immigrant children. I suppose that as soon as the President signs an EO to make it so, he’ll be off and managing those kids.

Seems like the Modesto Grand Prix DIDN’T GO AS WELL AS IT HAD BEEN (OVER) PROMISED to go. If you’re at all surprised by that, you haven’t been paying attention.

I’m not sure why people don’t get this: it isn’t HOW MANY EXECUTIVE ORDERS a President issues, it’s the effect of those orders. An EO that names National Butterfly week isn’t on par with an EO that upends the Constitution.

It is National Night Out tonight. If you are having a block get together, drop us a text or an call and let us know and have a great time with your neighbors and friends!


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