The Snow(den) Falls

Hamas will never stop. Today, even as Israel pulls back from Gaza, they launch even more rockets and DIRECT TERRORIST ATTACKS in Jerusalem. The President was rightly rebuked this weekend by Prime Minister Netanyahu, DON’T SECOND GUESS ON HAMAS.

The fallout of Edward Snowden case is reverberating around the globe. As to whether or nor he is a criminal, a jury should get to her the evidence and decide. For myself I cannot un-know what I know because of his revelations and I cannot un-see my own Government admit that it is true that they are stomping all over the 4th Amendment. The bigger problem today is – and this was an easily foreseen consequence – terrorists (ad everyday criminals) ARE GETTING SMARTER ABOUT TECH.

Conventional Wisdom is that ISIS will be stopped by the Kurds, who have a vested and historical interest in securing their own lands. So far that theory is not holding up as ISIS MAKES CRITICAL GAINS against the Kurds, seizing a power dam and oil fields from the Kurds.

Chris McDaniel says that today he will deliver his proof of voting irregularities in the Mississippi Senatorial Primary as a part of his official CHALLENGE OF THE RESULT. My guess is that he will not win, there is too much power and money at stake for the GOP.

Democrats talk a good game about ethics and transparency when it comes to Government. It is a manifestation of the long held Government maxim: The less you intend to do about something, the more you have to talk about it. In the Case of California, newspapers are having to file suits to get the records of three INDICTED/CONVICTED STATE SENATORS. Why? What’s the reason to hide anything about these three dirtbags? If we are really about transparency and ethics, we should be hanging the laundry out for everybody to see.

Of course, to be ethical and transparent would mean having values and principles, which the California Democrats seem clearly to not have as they TAKE MONEY FROM BIG TOBACCO to ill anti-smoking bills. Yes, you read that correctly – the CA Democrats in the Legislature are taking money from Tobacco to encourage smoking. Luckily, we have Obamacare (he loves that name!) to treat the smokers illnesses which were encouraged by the Democrats.

The NFL kicked off the preseason last night with my #2 Team, the NY Football Giants downing the Bills in the Hall of Fame Game, which isn’t as impressive as it should be given that Eli did NOT look good and had to be put in for a third series (highly unusual) before getting the offense rolling against a late round pick and undrafted FA defense. What was unusual s that the NFL is experimenting with the extra point rule and has moved the kick try from 19 yards to 33 yards. I’m actually okay with it, as I am of the opinion that “extra” means putting in some effort. I wonder if a 33 yard PAT would encourage more teams to go for two?



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