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My Uncle Roger once told me that “people criticize what they care most about.” Which is why I say to you that if you think that my criticism of Neel Kashkari’s idiotic “Homeless” routine is because I want him to lose, you (a) haven’t heard a word I’ve said for seven years and (b) you don’t understand me at all.

My frustration with Governor Bushy Brow Brown should be evident, but here’s the problem: what exactly is the California GOP doing to oppose or contrast themselves and their candidate to him?

  • Opposition to the High Speed Rail? A wildly brave position considering, who isn’t against it? I mean, other than Brown. It would be a myth to say that the CAGOP is leading the fight against the HSR. Congressman Denham and others are leading the national GOP effort against it, but what exactly is the State GOP doing?

  • Immigration Reform? The idea of amnesty is horrifying to the base, but allegedly “large donors” – none of whom are to be found for Kashkari (except for Munger) – are “demanding it.” The GOP is tightrope walking between base voters and money, angering one and not getting the other.

  • Gun Rights? Kashkari himself said that if you are a 2nd Amendment Voter, he’s not your guy. Now he also said on the show that he was taken “out of context” and owns a gun and was referring solely to those for whom the 2nd Amendment is thier ONLY issue, but it didn’t come out that way. If it was that simple, fine. But what has he done to show ANY support for 2nd Amendment issues other than claim he was taken out of context and that he owns a gun?

  • Education? Kashkari says that education is a “key” to solving California’s problems. He has a gigantic 33 page plan for education that nobody has actually read because it will never come to pass. So what is his real position on education that is in any way actually different from Jerry Browns? If he has one, he is too busy being a simulated homeless person and filming himself to communicate it. (I could link it up HERE, but I’m leaving it un-linked so that you can go and see for yourself as to how what is an “important issue” to the Kash is so poorly presented)

  • Water? I am sure that Kashkari is for increasing surface storage. Is he talking about it to homeless people or to the actual voters? Did he attempt to make any connection to the lack of water and the dearth of jobs in the Central Valley? Which would  have been more effective – acting homeless and asking for a job, or showing how the lack of water is killing jobs? And – most importantly – WHAT HE’S GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. Other than take a bath after a week of pretend homelessness.

  • Six States? I know, it will ever happen. But ask yourself one question: Are people who are intrigued by the idea more likely to vote for a Candidate who supports it or for one who doesn’t?

All of these are actual issues (unlike the homeless act) that the CA GOP and Kashkari both could be attacking Brown on, but aren’t.

Instead we get the same old tired “we can’t alienate Hispanic voters” and moderation in all things CA GOP more interested in funneling money to races and candidates elsewhere than they are in actually beating Brown. Winning this race is a tall order, but by not even trying, they are letting Jerry Brown amass a fortune that he will not have to spend – until his “exploratory” campaign for President next year. If the CA GOP really cares about long term GOP success, how is letting Brown cake walk helpful to that?

And we learn now that the Kashkari CAMPAIGN IS ALL BUT IS BROKE. So what will the CA GOP do? Turn to the same tried and true practice of the super-rich, 1%er candidate funding himself and an infusion of cash from California’s version of the Koch Brothers, Charlie T. Munger, Jr.. By the by, how does a message of “fiscal conservativism” fly in the face of a financially mismanaged campaign? You think that the Brown Campaign won’t bring that up along the way?

Here’s the bottom line – instead of pretending to be a vagrant and asking for a job with a camera crew following him about, Kashkari needs to actually address real issues. He doesn’t need to be guest hosting on Talk Radio, the “Average Listener” to Talk Radio up and down the State, is going to hold their nose and vote for him anyway. He needs to be reaching the undecided and crossover Republicans who everybody knows but nobody will admit, are planing to vote for Brown. Lastly he needs Democrats to disaffect. That will NOT happen with “Let’s pretend to be homeless vagrant” videos. 

In all likelihood, Neel Kashkari has virtually no chance to win the Governors Race. But the hard truth is that he will CERTAINLY lose if he doesn’t start addressing issues that resonate and have substance. And as a guy who has spent his entire life – minus the last seven years – working in the Homeless Services industry*, trust me, it is NOT an issue that will resonate with voters, base or undecided.

My criticism is because once again, the CA GOP has given us a Candidate with no fight, no substance, no issues and no chance. They themselves will not support him financially or with any passion at all.

And then they will tell us that we are the problem.

*Yes, even while I was in the Navy I worked part time for The Salvation Army


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