How To NOT Support Your Candidate

Neel poses as a vagrant

Before you get too far afield on the whole Homeless Neel narrative, ask yourself why nobody seems to want to  answer a simple question that Kevin kept asking yesterday – IF Kashkari is THE guy to unseat Brown, how come virtually nobody in the GOP is financially supporting him? Charlie MUNGER HAS SPENT HIS MONEY on Kash (and trashing Donnelly), but where is the GOP itself support for his campaign? So other than a couple of superrich 1%er’s, who is financially supporting Kashkar’s campaign in a meaningful way? The GOP can claim they want him to win, but where’s the proof? The Homeless Neel video is a PR stunt and useless. It doesn’t address any of the real issues that Brown is weak on for the simple reason that it conflates two unrelated issues – unemployment and chronic homelessness. If he really wanted to make a video that said something about the disaster that Brown is, he should have spent a week as a Farmer.

FACT: Governor Brown has over 1.04 MILLION Twitter followers. Neel Kashkari has less than 5000* –after winning the primary.*

Say what you will, but the simple fact is that the GOP, which was desperate to keep Donnelly off the ballot, is NOT getting behind the chosen one, mainly because they know that he has no chance and has no ability to connect with the base or the undecided. And they have no plan to or even willingness to change that. At the end of the day, Kashkari was about two things: (1) keeping Donnelly off the ballot and (b) Political Consultants getting paid. You’d have to say he’s achieved both of those goals.

A Sacramento Appeals Court has overruled a lower court and APPROVED THE SALE OF HSR BONDS, even in the face of all the legal issues associated with them.

“Yesterday’s ruling does nothing to change the $55 billion funding gap the California High Speed Rail Authority faces, nor does it eliminate the glaring differences that remain between what voters approved in Prop 1A and the Authority’s current plan. As the court pointed out, ‘substantial legal questions loom’ over the project.” – Congressman Jeff Denham

If you are stupid enough to put your hand into a Tiger cage, it is not the Tigers fault when it decides to MAKE YOUR HAND ITS LUNCH. I feel like we have now come full circle on the show…

*as of 08/01/2014


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