Iron Doom?

We had a great time at the San Joaquin Farm Bureau Media night –  even won a  grape vine! – and heard from a great number of people about the bad, and the good things going on in Ag in San Joaquin County. Thanks again to the folks at the SJFB for he hard work and for taking the time to let us see into their world for the evening. Obviously we make a great effort to support the Ag industries, and we plan to continue supporting them as they are the economic lifeblood of our community. Having said that, do you know what the #1 grossing crop in San Joaquin County was last year?

Not sure what is going on here, but the latest threat to a Presidential Veto of the upcoming “supplemental funding bill,” you know, the “Emergency” funding that the President wants to deal with the Border Crises, is because the GOP has removed FUNDING FOR ISRAEL’S IRON DOME SYSTEM from the emergency sending bill for the border.

The erstwhile “American” who blew himself up for Allah and the PLRI, MADE A TRIP TO THE US before he blew himself to his 72 virgins. Think about that for a minute.

As it turns out, the local water districts can go far beyond what the state has imposed for water use restrictions. Given that such severe restrictions can reduce water usage by upwards of 50%, and given that the water shortage we currently have is as serious as we are told, why are WATER UTILITIES SHYING AWAY FROM MANDATORY WATER SAVINGS? The Answer is surprisingly simple and shouldn’t surprise any student of how governments work. It’s money.

As I sit here, the news that the Athletics have traded away Home Run Derby champ and fan favorite Yonis Cespedes to Boston, for John Lester is breaking. I can imagine the meltdown Mazzy is having right now…!

Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world. She has weighed in on the situation in GAZA and let us know that the reason Hamas hides weapons in schools IS BECAUSE, YOU KNOW, GAZA IS REALLY SMALL.

It’s the historian in me that keeps me dredging up the lessons of the past. The Austria-Hungarian Empire was destroyed long before Franz Ferdinand was killed in Sarajevo and the resulting World War. It was undone by extreme ethic division and an unwillingness to unify and assimilate into a single nation. Now here in California, there is a move afoot to once gain, SEGREGATE SCHOOLS BASED ON RACE AND LANGUAGE. The purpose of this action is NOT to “help the kids,” it is to divide and destroy the State and the Nation.


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