Crazy Neighbors

If for some reason you missed Stockton Police CHIEF ERIC JONES ON THE SHOW yesterday, you missed a great discussion. This was my first opportunity to meet him in person, and I have to say that  was very impressed and pleased with his approach. I know that the events of last week will resonate for quite some time, but I am convinced that Chief Jones is the right man to lead Stockton PD through this and to make sure that the public is kept in the loop.

If you’ve been following a really creepy story out of Stockton this week, the man who stabbed a teenager to death and made some rather angering comments about it from jail, turns out TO BE SOMETHING OF A MENTAL WHACK JOB, which I am certain will be his excuse in court. In any case, it was clear tat neighbors ad serious concerns about him, but two questions hang in the air – what did they do to address those concerns and second, were their concerns addressed by those officials with the capacity to do so? This makes me wonder about the future. When neighbors are “weird” and “scare” others – legitimately or not, will cases like this one cause authorities to overreact or under-react? A young man who by most accounts was not the problem, did not deserve to die, and now we are left to deal with the judicial fallout of one man’s actions.

SecState Kerry has proposed A WEEKLONG CEASEFIRE in Gaza. The problem is that any ceasefire with Hamas is pointless. They have already shown that they will continue to lob rockets into Israel even during a ceasefire, and they will take the $47 Million of our money to build more tunnels and buy more rockets. This is the ultimate example of a political power destroying it’s people with its own foolishness. The Palestinian people have shown in recent months that they are not all that happy with Hama, so the response of the PLRI anti-Semitic nuts? Put missiles and rockets in schools and have kids sit on them. The Palestinian people can end this by ending Hamas. Otherwise what we have here is a temporary effort to relieve pressure on Israel that will have to be repeated when Hamas has rearmed and rebuilt its tunnels. Kerry and Obama do not get that. If they truly and honestly cared about casualties and the best use of your tax dollars, they would take actions to stop Hamas. They don’t and they won’t.

Bad news for all the people in Congress, except your own, of course. Jar Jar Binks is MORE POPULAR THAN CONGRESS. Except, as I sad, for your guy or gal, who is the only one who really gets it and is deserving to stay. Me-sah not a-gonna worry. Me-sah say they all get re-elected anyway.

A lawsuit in California seeks to extend State GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER ALL GROUNDWATER supplies. The most chillng line in this whole thing is: “In National Audubon Society v. Superior Court of Alpine County (1983), the California Supreme Court held that the public trust doctrine protects not only navigation, commerce, wildlife and fishing, but also ‘changing public needs of ecological preservation, open space maintenance and scenic and wildlife preservation.’”

This is odd, back in 2012 the left leaning “Government” Blog argued that having the States set up exchanges by giving the incentives – in the form of tax credits to them and their residents – was THE BEST EXAMPLE OF HOW FEDERALISM should work. Odd is that when a DC Circuit Court Judge says exactly that, they wail and gnash their teeth at the “extreme” ruling of a Bush appointee.


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