Learning the Lessons

We will be honored to have on the show today, Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones and Officer Joe Silva. After the events of the last week, this will be an opportunity to talk with the Chief and get his perspective – insofar as he is able – of the events and the outcomes as the scenario unfolded. I have said before that I cannot know the strain of command that went into the action and the processes.

There will be things that I am certain that the Chief will not be able to go into and we will respect that for the day. There may come a time when the investigation is complete when those things come to light and require responses. It is my sincere hope that Stockton PD will pursue an investigation of the likes that Stanislaus County did in the Deputy Paris killing. There are, no doubt, lessons to be learned from this.

We not only should, but must learn them. And live them every day going forward.

As predictable as a sunrise, another execution has been “botched,” this time an INMATE IN ARIZONA seemed to struggle while undergoing a lethal injection and took more than an hour and a half to expire. Unlike the Oklahoma incident it is unclear that this inmate suffered for an extended period of time and it seems unlikely that the IV was misplaced as evidence of chemical burns should in that case, have been obvious to the staff and possibly the observers. But this case is CERTAIN to reignite the argument over the death penalty, probably today.

The survey results are in: call it the SACRAMENTO-SAN JOAQUIN DELTA, or else…

Well that’s sure funny there… the President went to yet another fundraiser in California and TOLD JOKES TO THE AUDIENCE. Bad jokes. But people have to laugh because it’s the President.

Turns out that Californians are hot and bothered and READY TO SPEND OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY on fighting global warming. As long as it doesn’t cost themselves more, they’re cool with it. But as soon as it hits their own pockets, not so much anymore.


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