Another Malaysian Airliner

The surviving criminal

A woman walked into a bank yesterday in Stockton to conduct her business. Moments later she was a hostage taken by THREE CRIMINALS ARMED WITH AK-47’S and a “mound of ammunition.” In the ensuing chase, literally thousands of rounds were fired at Police, two other hostages were slightly injured and dramatic cell phones video was being taken all over the course of the chase. When everything was said and done, a woman who went to the bank was used as a human shield by the robbers and was killed. There is going to be a lot of discussion and debate and thread chasing about this incident. But before we do any of that today I want to remind each of you how precious your life is and how you just do not know what might happen today. And  do not want to lose sight of the fact that a woman who simply wanted to go to the bank was killed by the actions of three criminals.

Malaysian Airliner apparently shot down over Ukraine. I suppose that this will put the Ukraine issues back on the front burner, but the big question is why would an airline fly over an active combat zone in the first place?

How’s this one for the argument as to why we should let the Illegal Immigrant children not only into the US, but let them stay here? According TO THIS NPR REPORT, all the violence that the children are fleeing from is caused by criminal gangs battling over the drug trade. And, in this argument, the gangs are not Central American at all, but rather all from Los Angeles. Yep. Los Angeles. So in this argument, this whole thing is our fault for exporting the criminal gangs to Central America to begin with. if we had just kept them here, we wouldn’t have this problem now.

I mentioned this yesterday, but it turns out that the drought is not getting Californians to conserve at all. In fact, we are using more water than ever. HERE ARE THE WORST OFFENDING areas of the State.

After getting a bit of crap from some folks over my announcement that John Perez was in 3rd place, it turns out that John Perez is in 3rd place in the Controller race, trailing Betty Yee by 400+ votes. But more and more people – especially those on the left – are turning on the ex-Speaker and CALLING FOR HIM TO CONCEDE the election and move on.

I mentioned yesterday that Sgt Bowe Bergdahl will probably never stand trial at Court Martial for desertion. In that vein, the good Sergeant has sent A “PERSONAL MESSAGE TO THE PRESIDENT”, thanking him for “saving his life.”

After talking with Gene last night after the show, it turns out that my walnuts are Black Walnuts, and of course, there is no market for them and while delicious, they are quite a chore to prepare.



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