He’s Back…

Dave & Ben in the Arctic Blast tube at SeaWorld San Diego

And with that, the best vacation I have had in years comes to an end. San Diego was wonderful – a whole lot better than the first time I was there (1981) and we had a great time celebrating Ben’s 4th birthday at SeaWorld and then spent a day visiting all my old Navy haunts. We spent time just seeing the City, including the Mt. Soledad monument. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to unplug and I wasn’t 100% off the grid, but I think that I did better than usual.

Thanks again to Dave Geer, the Behind the Badge Crew, Doug Ridenour, The Real Estate Doctor – Christine Papworth and The LPOV – Chatroom Jeff and Pat the Lawyer, for all the fill in work whilst I was out having some fun. And the biggest thank you to Producer Kevin for keeping things running like a Swiss watch.

I’m back in the studio today and we hit the ground water running with Dave Phippen, an almond farmer who has a different view about the issues with the ground water.

The CDC released a report this week in which it turns out – if the report is accurate – only about 2% of the American population is gay. Frankly, I accept the reports conclusions, but I also know that this is likely to be blasted by the LGBT community for political reasons. If the actual gay population is so limited, it makes a great deal less sense to for the government to kowtow in a politically correct manner to what is essentially a much smaller population than popular culture would have us believe.

Senator Babs Boxer had an op-ed run in the Huffington Post the other day, of which she was proud enough to include the link in her weekly eMail blast. In the op-ed, she, like most on the left, DECRIES THE RECENT HOBBY LOBBY RULING and proclaims that a law – the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act – which “she voted for” was never meant to allow such a ruling. I suppose that my questions start with why do we need a law to “restore religious freedom” in the first place? And that any such law supported by a left loon like Babs can be guaranteed to NOT restore religious freedom.

Another new report clams that the Delta Smelt is “ON THE SCAFFOLD OF EXTINCTION.” Frankly I doubt it, but let’s say that it is true. On the day that the last smelt is fish bait, will the pumps fire up and run water to the Farmers?

So Sgt Bergdahl has “RETURNED TO ACTIVE DUTY.” A big problem for the Army – and the military in general – is that it is not political. Yeah, I get it, most of your Generals and Admirals and Flag Officer types have some political skills, but that is not the same thing as understanding politics. The Army thought that it was getting its hands on a deserter and quite probably, a traitor. With an opportunity to mete out justice and send a message, and since the Army is run by men who – generally speaking – are men of honor and code, they believed that the process would be a simple and straightforward one, with a proper investigation, a court martial and a punishment that fit the crime. What they – and I at first – never counted on was the political element of Bergdahl’s return. The Administration has made it clear that it has no regard for military discipline (unless it’s a General giving a Rolling Stone interview, which by the by, I am now reconsidering in light of events) or tradition. Nor does it regard military structure. In short, Sgt Bergdahl will in all probability not stand trial, will probably never be dishonorably discharged and will almost certainly never answer for his crime of desertion. The Administration cannot and will not allow it to happen.

Now you might say, “Dave, that’s crazy, think of the damage that would do to the military and to the Presidents Party in the upcoming elections.” I have considered it. I assure you that President Obama simply doesn’t care about either. And for those who will support the left regardless of action or intent, it will not matter. For those who won’t support the President or his party, it won’t make any difference. For those in the middle who bend with the popular sentiment, will the anger over the treatment of a “hero” be a benefit or a curse? In two and a half years, will the name Bergdahl even be remembered by those folks who make up their minds based on who promises them the most goodies and benefits?


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