Faustian Bargains

I know, I know… I am supposed to be unplugged and on vacation. But even I must read my eMail now and then. And lo, unto my surprise did I learn that the Berryhills (just DOFB’s*) have decided NOT to fight their $40,000 FPPC fine after all, essentially ending the argument about the misdeeds that lead to the “serious and deliberate” violations of campaign finance laws and lots and lots of people asking questions and nursing babies. Such outrageous behavior as people asking questions about “serious and deliberate” violations of campaign finance laws cannot be tolerated so those people had to be ejected from the GOP Central Committee.

Bill and Senator Tom Berryhill – Modbee.com

The DOFB’s continue to claim that they “didn’t do nuthin wrong,” but they have simply decided to “make a business decision” to move on. Which would make sense IF all we were talking about was the $40,000 fine – which they will pay, no doubt, out of more campaign funds, thus avoiding any personal expense in the matter. But – as you learn from THIS FINE ARTICLE IN THE SACRAMENTO BEE – it turns out that they might actually be “dumb old farm boys” who “don’t know nuthin.”

They came to this monumental decision AFTER paying their attorney – hired to fight the original allegations of “serious and deliberate” violations of campaign finance laws – some $52,000.

In other words, they paid the attorney $12,000 MORE THAN THE FINE, to fight the FINE.

Maybe they DOFB’s finally figured it out and thought to themselves, “Hey, we’re getting taken advantage of here.” The problem with that theory is that the lawyer in question is also a GOP in good standing member of the local organization. So what exactly did he do for $52,000 (29% more than the actual fine) to “fight” the “serious and deliberate” violations of campaign finance laws? I mean, other than to keep saying “they don’t think that they broke the law” to anybody who would listen and hand over a campaign defense fund check?

Dan’l Webster argues with Old Scratch

I’d like to believe that it really is that simple, but the obvious truth is that nothing here is obvious. You don’t get to be powerful State Politicians by being stupid, despite Bill’s claim to the contrary. Given that this whole thing could have been explained with adequate and complete Central Committee meeting minutes and the remaining GOP issues with money laundering that are unclear as to who exactly authorized or even knew about it, one has to conclude that spending $92,000 to deal with the “serious and deliberate” violations of campaign finance laws might have actually been a bargain.

The kind of bargain that NEEDS A LAWYER LIKE DAN’L WEBSTER

*Dumb ol’ Farm Boys (Bill Berryhill on the stand at the trial)


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