Sacramento 4th of July Stupidity

In what way, shape or form does it matter – to anybody – who it is that introduces an Assembly Resolution to “mark the 4th of July?” In what has to be on of the truly and monumentally stupid moves that the Democrat Majority in Sacramento has pulled, the Independence Day resolution was hijacked last year and then plagiarized this year. Why?

Are the State Democrats afraid that without such a resolution coming from one of their own that Californians will forget that the 4th of July happens? Every year? ON the 4th of July?

If – and that is one hell of a big IF – the 4th of July Resolution is the difference between an incumbent Assemblywoman getting re-elected or not, then we have serious problems in our Legislature. Hmmm, what do you know? We do have serious problems in our legislature.

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva

The simple truth of the matter is that nobody – and I mean nobody – who votes in that district gives a rats behind about Assemblywomen Sharon Quirk-Silva being the sponsor of the Assembly Independence Day resolution. In fact, according to some, the District which she represents (Fullerton), has many actual issues that one could assume that a powerful, 4th of July Resolution stealing and re-introducing Assemblywoman could really sink her teeth into.

Metaphorically, of course. I don’t mean to imply that she actually bites.

Or maybe I do.

 Dan Walters: Republicans often find their bills hijacked by Democrats


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