Chewing on Egg Shells

We won’t get to have “Science Friday” this week, what with the Independence Day Holiday and all, so here is a great story about the New Horizons probe that is currently headed for Pluto. Next July we will have our first really good views of the (no longer a) planet, and I am ToTaLly jazzed about that. After it reaches and leaves Pluto, the PROBE MAY HEAD FOR THE KUIPER BELT to take a look into that comet forming mystery.

At the south pole, we were told a few months back – by no less than Hank “TARP’s AWAY!” Paulson, that in just 45 days the Antarctic Ice Shelves would suffer an “irreversible collapse” that would raise sea levels catastrophically. Needless to say, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. In fact, the Ice Shelf hit record levels or growth. Why? Because it’s the dead of winter in the southern hemisphere. Which Hank may not have known since it’s very hot in Brazil right now at the World Cup games and he’s used to winter being in December, not July.

Also, it seems that egg shells could be a good SOURCE OF DIETARY CALCIUM. On the other hand, the FASTEST way to get me to puke, is to feed me an egg shell. Seriously, I am gagging just sitting here writing about it. It’s the primary reason that I use egg substitute, so that I don’t get shells in my omelet. Luckily it seems that eating the shells isn’t  good way to absorb the calcium. And for the record, I hate the person that asked that question. If they were here right now I would puke on them.

This is a manifestation of Dave’s 3rd Law: the more pious a person is, the less likely he/she/it has anything to be pious about. In this case an Archbishop who spent half a million plus of other peoples money to fight gay marriage turns out to be under investigation for HAVING SEX WITH HIS PRIESTS. Whoops.

For some reason, the ICE Folks decided to try and have a meeting with the folks in Murietta. They were NOT WELL RECEIVED, but what made them think that they would be? Especially when the announced that four of the immigrants had to be hospitalized for various infectious diseases and vermin.

The June hiring numbers AS YET UNREVISED – are out. Standby for Presidential and Democrat crowing about how much better things are getting. Odd, isn’t it? The summer hires will get credited to the President and his party. Who will get blamed for the end of the summer season and all those seasonal workers losing the temp jobs?

July 3rd is a day unique in our history. Do you understand that July 3, 1776 was the final day of the American Revolution? In 1778 it saw one of the darkest moments of the Revolutionary War, and in 1863, the future of the Union teetered in the balance. Fifty years later, in 1913, it would see one of the most remarkable examples of what America is in the same place.

July 3rd can serve as a reminder to us that minds and hearts can be changed. That Liberty is and always has been our watchword. And that no matter how dark the moment my seem, the 4th will always dawn glorious and free.


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