That Pesky Constitution Thing…

As much as yesterday’s loss to Belgium sucked, at least we aren’t Cameroon. Imagine if you will, being one of the good guys who worked your butt off for years to get on the team, get to the World Cup, all the while knowing that you had basically no chance. It’s like the Olympics in a way. So many athletes just aren’t going to even be competitive, let alone medal, but the opportunity to represent ones nation is so special, so important that men and women will sacrifice for years to make it happen.  By its nature, Soccer teams (sorry, futbol teams) are somewhat different in their formation, but the work is the same and these kids worked their rear-ends off. So people were wondering what was going on when some players on the Cameroon squad were doing some very odd things, fouls that made no sense, passing errors, not taking easy shots. All of which came to a head when “one of the good guys” was seen going after his teammates on the sideline and had to be physically restrained. Now we learn that some members of the Cameroon team may have be GOING CHICAGO BLACK SOX on their team and country. How sad is that?

More and more internet media is picking up on the situation with the health of the illegal immigrants on the border. Despite Princess Nancy’s “divine spark” moment (and thank the Deity that these kids were out of the womb!), the fact is that the Government is not being forthcoming about the situation. If Boehner really wants to sue the government, why doesn’t he get a FOIA and lawsuit to get the media into these Brown Shirt guarded camps? Meanwhile, at least some of the citizens of Murietta are paying attention, and SHOWED UP TO BLOCK THE BUSSES with the illegal immigrants.

I am still confused as to why exactly counterfeiters would scam charity fireworks booths, but they are. Now stands are trying to ramp up their ability to SPOT THE FAKE BILLS in order to protect themselves against the scam.

Stockton is going to put Charter revisions on the November ballot, but in true Stockton fashion, IT ISN’T THAT SIMPLE. Up for debate is the weird and silly election system in the City.

Apparently there is such a thing as “transgender rights” now. The President, who, I would remind Lisa Leff, was against gay marriage before he was for it, became the first President to USE THE WORD “TRANSGENDER” IN A SPEECH. This makes him a champion of LBGT rights as opposed to, say, civil rights.

Here is yet another stupid idea from California. We want the new Air Force Bomber built in California, so the companies that are bidding to design and build it ASKED OUR LEGISLATURE FOR $420 MILLION in free money to come here. Keep in mind that the Feds already fund this thing which will replace the B-52/B1/B-2’s, but they want us to fork over $420 Million in today’s money to entice them to design and build it here.

And in case you missed it -and you did – Governor Jerry (@BushyBrowGov) Brown signed a new law recently to make the BITCOIN EQUAL TO THE US DOLLAR in California. You know… that pesky Constitution thing again… will anybody even notice?

No State shall…coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts….

Article 1 Section 10


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