SS Norwich City FC

I am a Denver Broncos fan because I grew up in Denver in the late 1960’s and the 1970’s and think that Floyd Little is still the greatest Bronco ever. I am a Dodger fan because of Bob Welch striking out Reggie Jackson and my best friend at the time being a die hard Yankees fan. I’m a Stockton Ports fan because I work with the team in radio and because their organization goes out of its way to be family fan friendly and because they belong to an organization dedicated to actually winning.

So what convinced me to put on a Norwich City kit when it comes to futbol?

I have no history with soccer, no innate ability or understanding of the game, and didn’t come to it at all until well after the end of my own athletic pursuits. The reality that Ben will probably play it and the excitement of World Cup appearance all added up to casually following the game, and I decided that I needed a team to call my own.

I could have gone with an MLS team, like the Rapids or Earthquakes, or even the Sounders, but somehow the MLS seems blasé to me. If you want to be passionate about the game, you almost have to have a European team to follow. But you know me, I hate to be a bandwagon fan for some dynasty team, like Manchester United or Arsenal, even CKSA. So I needed a team that has a great history without being the Yankees of soccer.

So how did I settle on Norwich City? Well… it’s a strange ride, but here’s how:

In 1937 Amelia Earnhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. Her story has always intrigued me, and I too found myself believing the “captured and executed by the Japanese” solution until one day I caught the show “Finding Amelia.” This featured TIGHAR and their crazy theory that she had landed on Gardner Island only to be eaten by coconut crabs. At first, I was unconvinced, but over several years and reading, I have come to believe that they are correct and that she did manage a crash landing on the reef at Gardner Island only to succumb to her injuries and to the crabs.

But as I got to know Gardner Island, or as it is known today, Nikumaroro, via Google Earth and the history books, I learned that since 1929, one of the main landmarks and the most famous confirmed wreck on the island, is the remains of the SS Norwich City. Her crew survived and even today there is still wreckage visible on the reef near the presumed landing sight for Earhart.

Anyway, a few years after that, I was looking of the Tables for the Premier League trying to figure out for whom to root, when I noticed a team in Norwich City, the Canaries. With a long and glorious history, including a defeat of a major German team, and with not being a top flight team in the EPL, and with Alan Partridge broadcasting from Radio Norwich, I was On the Ball, with City! I even ordered my kit directly from the team store in Norwich. Which required some conversion of pounds to dollars, but I may need to learn that if I ever get to go to a game. 

So, it’s complicated, as they say on Facebook, but it’s a cute meet, right?


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