Dave Goes AHT

As more and more undocumented Illegal Immigrant children pour across the border, the concern grows that THEY CARRY COMMUNICABLE DISEASES, even those long thought wiped out in The United States. I am reminded of a Dirk Pitt novel I once read, “Treasure!” in which a postulated invasion of the US by Mexican civilians. As the invasion began, the first across the river were children, the reasoning being that the US Army would never be able to bring themselves to fire on them. In the book the invasion was stopped by Dirk Pitt (of course) unmasking the bad guy and showing him to be a fraud. In this case, the bad guy is our own Government which is not only allowing this invasion, but in fact, seems to be encouraging it. And with that comes the dangers inherent with an unvaccinated and infected population being introduced to a “herd immunity” protected population such as we had in the United States. Now we could find ourselves in a situation where the “herd immunity,” which would normally make it very difficult for a communicable disease to spread, no longer is effective. And given the waning effect of immunizations (when did you have your Tdap?) we could be ripe for pestilence unseen since the INFLUENZA OUTBREAK OF 1918. The Aluminum Hat Question of the Day (AHQOD) is this: What if this is being done on purpose?

Consider the effect that a major disease outbreak would have on our society, economy and families. What would the government of today’s reaction be to such an occurrence. John has said it before, that the CDC and government use the “zombie apocalypse” as a blue print for dealing with a mass disease/mass casualty event. What if… he said with his AH on, what if this invasion isn’t as much of an invasion as it is an biological attack?

Remember kids, Dr. Evil is a Belgian.

And Governor Jindal is only tweeting what everybody is thinking anyway…

Jindal copy


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