Much of today will be consumed with the HOBBY LOBBY RULING. Whichever way the Supreme Court goes, and as I write this we still do not know, but by the time you read this we will, the effects will reverberate and echo around the nation. The elements of free religion and government control will be decided, at least for the next few years. The LPOV Group will join us at the top of the show to dissect the ruling as only they can.

The newly installed leader of the NSA says that the Snowden LEAKS CAN BE MANAGED and that they are not “the end of the world.” An interesting theory I heard over the weekend postulated that Snowden may have information on the Lerner eMails. I personally don’t think so, but what if he does?

I hate to complain anymore about a sport that I am desperately trying to care about, but this ridiculous PENALTY KICK SHOOTOUT SYSTEM to decide a World Cup Soccer game is really sad. I get that Ice hockey does it – during the regular season – but deciding what is essentially a World Championship game as happened on Sunday is not very exciting and it is confirming the stereotypes that Americans have about the game.

Confusion reigns after a newsletter was mailed out to Modesto residents regarding the BARIUM CONTAMINATED BERMS along Hwy-132.

While there would be some catastrophic effects on cities and people, scientists say that California COULD SURVIVE A MEGA-DROUGHT.


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