Generations of PTSD

Yesterday I asked the question that I received in a message on Monday evening. I share it with you here again:

Dave…. I’m trying to get my head around something re: war veterans. I’m supposing that PTSD, “shell shock” rates among WWII European theater vets are similar to the rates our guys are currently experiencing. I get the impression that the older vets deal with it differently, manning-up so to speak. From your study and interpersonal relations, go you get the same sense of it? Are the WWII /Korea vets better at handling it? Or is a comparison wrong on the face of it? My WWII vet friends and relatives seem different. Age and time has something to do with it, I’m sure. I get to talk with our younger vets enough to happen across a few that allow me in far enough to counsel them, and I’m sure I slowed two of them, giving them time and keeping them from suiciding. I guess I’m trying to fix my position and know just where I fit in. Breaks my heart. So many hurting guys, and it’s like I just stretch out my arms and there they are. Is this new generation really as bad off as it seems? It’s like they are sent to me. Anyway, I wanted your opinion on the comparison. I trust your take on things – and it’s important to me. Seems I’ve been let into their hearts for the last 35 years or so. So many hurting vets – a sea of them. Tears my heart. And now, so many killing themselves….

I would love to hear your thoughts on the question, so if you have an opinion or thought, eMail me HERE or leave me a voice mail or text at 565-DAVE.

I will share my thoughts on the issue this afternoon, but as a teaser I feel like there was a single moment in time when the attitude of the Country changed toward this specific issue, and it happened on Sicily during WWII. There are a couple of other factors as well, but that moment is when and where the change began.

Rangel copyCongressman and Tax Cheat Charlie Rangel WAS RE-ELECTED last night. Of course he was. After all, it’s YOUR Congressman that is the problem with Congress, not theirs. Down in Alabama, Thad Cochrane managed to buy and bribe enough votes to DOWN HIS CHALLENGER. So after all of that, and after a 7% favorable rating, the American sheeple send the same jokers back to Washington, D.C. to lord over us.

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  1. That eas a different time back then. Family & Support of community was a value that was taught. Nowadays it seems alot different. I was brought up towards end of those but still incorporate the rules of ole.


  2. handcuffsnhotwheels

    My husband suffers from PTSD after OEF. I think it’s more comparable to Vietnam sufferers. This is due to the fact that there was no win or lose for soldiers in both wars. My husband was just miles outside of Pakistan when Bin Laden was taken down, but even he feels no sense of accomplishment or progress due to his service in OEF. While the country may be far more supportive of soldiers now than in the days of Vietnam, the sense of purpose in their fighting still remains in question in OEF/OIF.


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