The Bigger Question

It’s called the “Public Authorities Justification,” and unless you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably never heard of it. What it says might mean any number of things, but what it means in practical terms is that the US Government believes that it has a “right” to kill any American citizen, even you, that it feels represents an “emergency situation” and threat to United States, regardless of where that might take place. The doctrine is what got Anwar Al-Alwaki – an American citizen who also happened to be a member of the AQ leadership and was apparently planning t attack and kill Americans – killed in a drone strike.

I shed no tears over Mr. Al-Alwaki. He took a risk, and he died for his cause. But the rationale used to kill him is unnerving on several levels. Instead of just saying, “He’s the enemy,” the same Government that takes great pains to extend to GitMo Detainees Constitutional rights as citizens, seems willing to bypass those same rights when it comes to killing an American out of convenience.

The bigger problem isn’t whether or not Anwar Al-Alwaki needed to taken out or not. It’s whether or not a Government that can construct a paradigm in which the Constitution says, “Sure, he’s a threat to you so go ahead and kill him,” is able to use the same sorts of twisted logic and misapplications to say, read your eMails to determine if you are a threat to it.

Once they get to that point, we’ve got bigger problems than an AQ leader who happens to be  citizen.

Former US Marine and Stockton resident Chuck Tatum passed away yesterday at his home in Stockton at close to 88 years old. f you haven’t read his book, “Red Blood, Black Sand: Fighting Alongside John Basilone From Boot Camp to Iwo Jima,” you should. Not only it is an important story, but it is a well told story.

The “Six States” from One California movement is moving ahead with verifying its signatures, but let me say here and again, this will NEVER happen. There is no way on this Planet that the Legislature will agree to this, and without that, it simply ain’t gonna happen. The Constitution is very clear – there cannot be any new States made out of California without her consent, and this vote is not that consent.


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