The Real American Crime

Yesterday’s matchup between the US and Portugal WAS A CLASSIC (he said like he really cares), but the stadium it was played in represents everything that is wrong with Nations that are laughing at us as we busy ourselves “cutting” CO2 and trying to pretend that anything that we do matters. In this case, we find a $300 Million Stadium that was built over the objections and needs of the local populace to host four – that’s right, four – soccer games. The Plan for its future use? THERE ISN’T ONE. Within a few years it will become a crumbling monument to the stupidity that is World Cup hype. This, by the way, is also why fewer and fewer nations and cities are bidding on the Olympic Games. Nobody has any need for a bobsled run or two massive skating arenas after the games end. Observe the stupidity and overspending with no benefit San Francisco went through with the America’s Cup Races. The absurd insistence on opulence and comfort means that temporary stadiums or using existing facilities is out of the question. The Olympics and even the World Cup are endangered not by the quality of the sport, but by the ridiculous overspending with no economic benefit.

How’s this for “What’s Coming Next?” Watch for the Broadcast Networks to refuse to say “Redskins” on the air. In the pregame shows they will explain how they have “realized” how “offensive” the name is and that they will no longer refer to the team by its “offensive” name, but rather will only call it, “The Washington Football Club,” or “Washington” or just “the club.”

I am always bemused by people who so hate the past that they feel compelled to change it to fit their own interpretations of what history should be. How many times do we hear the complaint about the “slave owning white men” who wrote the Constitution to serve only their own purposes? I know two thing about anybody who says that. First, they know virtually nothing about American history and second, they can’t name more than five of the men who drafted it, let alone any of the the ones who argued against slavery. In any case, A NEW BIOGRAPHY of General Robert E. Lee condemns him because he fought for a flawed cause, to whit, slavery. Which, of course, is not only untrue but unfair to a man who fought for a great number of beliefs, none of which were slavery. The idea that he should have simply given up and quit to fit the authors interpretation of Lee’s reasons for fighting would be laughable if he weren’t actually serious. Which is just flat out the sad state of affairs we’ve reached in this county when it comes to teaching history.

A new crime drama will be set in Modesto. he ABC show, AMERICAN CRIME will start with  white man being murdered during a home invasion, setting off ripples of racial and other tensions in our community. The real crime is that the show, probably already on the cancellation list, is BEING FILMED IN TEXAS. Where’s Ron Calderon – an actual criminal – when you really need him?

As the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department Turns. Heck, that’d be a better show than “American Crime.” And you could use real stories like the Deputy who says that HIS SUPERVISOR HAD AN AFFAIR WITH HIS WIFE and then went all King David on him. You could even call it, “King David’s Deputies.” And film it in Stockton.


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