A Brief Apology

I have to apologize for the brevity of today’s blog. Today has been quite insane, with having to have family members in other cities, a big miscommunication about who should take what vehicle where, and a Sailor aboard USS Michigan who is being BADLY TREATED BY A JUDGE in Michigan in a custody battle.

When I haven’t been on the road, or looking desperately for my truck, I’ve been on the phone with various Navy offices and former shipmates who – as a group – have decided that we aren’t going to tolerate this against one of our own.

The show will go on as usual, and the blog will be back up to speed tomorrow, maybe even tonight if I get time. But for now, it’s been a very busy day.


About Dave

Talk Show host, lifelong Baseball and Star Trek fan, US Navy Submariner and Fire Control Technician (Ballistic Missile) 1st Class Petty Officer (Submarine Qualified), Dave is married with four daughters, one son, two sons-in-law and two grandchildren plus one on the way. He resides quietly in Manteca, CA, where he records his podcast, Plausibly Live, three days a week. He also writes for several other blogs and as a "Stay at home Dad" plays a lot of games with his son. Dave loves books, history and is learning to weld and drive a forklift. Just for fun. Dave is also a Life Member of the Disabled American Veterans and a Member of the US Submarine Veterans.

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