Farewell to the Redskins

As the situation in Iraq disintegrates, even leftists are now calling FOR DIRECT MILITARY ACTION against the surging insurgents. Senator Feinstein is leading the call on the Hill for the action to try and stop the Sunni attackers. Whether that would work or not is open to debate, I lean towards it not working – at least not as envisioned by Bondo and others – but my concern is that we are going to o ahead and try it anyway. Oddly enough, she also demands “regime change,” which seems to me to something that she at least ideologically opposed some time time back.

My fear is that the “direct military intervention,” presumably in the form of airstrikes and cruise missiles will do little more than create collateral damage and not as much slow the advance as rally Sunni’s to its cause. At some point, who decides that the only way to “save” Iraq is with troops and tanks?

Congress is working on a $34 Billion “Drought Relief Package” for California. Once again, Bondo says that the reason is TO MITIGATE THE IMPACT OF THE DROUGHT. Wouldn’t the best way to “mitigate” a drought be to build more water storage? I get that there’s nothing to do THIS year, but the rainy season – such as it may be – is just a few months away. We could have been busy like beavers instead of standing around with our collective thumbs looking for a dike to plug.

If you think
that the lost IRS eMails are an aberration, you’d be incorrect. In the current administration, it appears that losing things (in very unimaginative ways, in my humble opinion) is standard operating procedure. In fact, others as REPORTED BY THE WASHINGTON TIMES, point out that this has been going on for quite a long time.

So now “some people” are CONCERNED ABOUT THE ZOMBIE BACTERIA in Woodward Reservoir, but still not enough to actually cause an official reaction and/or investigation. Speaking of which if you missed the post-show argument between Producer Kevin and John YOU CAN SEE IT HERE. Caution, there are bad words, heated emotions and confusing arguments. All of which is over whether or not a guy swimming in Woodward Reservoir became a Zombie or not.

The US Trademark Office has cancelled the Washington Redskins Federals trademarks. Five Native Americans complained which supported the idea that the name is not in fact, honoring to the traditions and history of American Indians, and in fact, FOUND TO BE DISPARAGING. By the Trademark office. Essentially that means that the teams logos and trademarks no longer are such. Whether the NFL or Team an protect their logos and other symbols or even sell them via the NFL is now up in the air. So if for some weird reason you are a Redskins Federals fan, you’d better start a run on their gear, because it isn’t going to be around much longer.


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