The Mini-Me Search

The invasion along the southern border is getting to worse by the day. Now we learn not just of “rumors” about permits to stay being told to the families south of Mexico, but that WE ARE RELEASING PREGNANT WOMEN instead of deporting them. While hat might seem to be a harsh thing to say, the truth is that under the interpretation of the 14th Amendment, what we are actually doing is allowing undocumented illegal immigrants to have their children here, giving them birthright citizenship. Here’s the “good news,” we’re SENDING JOE BIDEN TO CENTRAL AMERICA to “address” the issue.

Remember the guy who played Mini-Me? His name is Vern Troyer and HE HAS HAD ONE OF THE BEST TSA EXPERIENCES ever!

Are you worried ABOUT KILLER ROBOTS? I wasn’t, but now I might be…

In other international crises news, Russia is CUTTING NATURAL GAS SUPPLIES (i.e., heat) to Ukraine. Now why would Russia (Putin) do that, he wondered sarcastically?

In the ongoing battle against CO2 and climate change, the latest and greatest target is now CABLE TV BOXES. Yep, your TV habits are contributing to global warming.

Tony Gwynn passed away yesterday after battling oral cancer since 2010. He believed that his cancer was directly related to his own use of chewing tobacco products. Frankly he was one of the greatest, and his service later as a coach at San Diego State and his son following his footsteps into the Major Leagues are great stories, but I can’t let go of the simple fact that the reason Tony Gwynn is no longer with us is chewing tobacco. 


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