Teached to the Captain a Good Method of Navigation

We had a great weekend. Some 30 folks showed up Saturday night at the Barnwood to show their support, and more were reported through the weekend. We had time to meet with the Owners and talk to them about what happened and what the future holds. One of his staff members is actually going though this Scott Johnson nonsense for the second time, having lost  job at another restaurant after one of his frivolous suits. Thanks to everybody who came out and helped out. There are OTHER BUSINESSES STILL IN THE FIGHT that we are going to need to support with our patronage and words. We cannot depend on or expect the Legislature or the Congress to fix this, so it is us to We the People to stand up and put an end to it.

Want more proof that Soccer is a socialist sport? Just like leftists around the globe, the only way they can succeed and gain the advantage IS TO LIE ABOUT HOW THY HAVE BEEN HURT. Instead of manning up and playing on, they lie like a carpet (it’s neither  car, not a pet), to win. And as American’s, since we consider that behavior to be abhorrent, we are at a competitive disadvantage.

Kids breaking into a swimming pool has become “A SERIOUS PROBLEM” at Stockton’s McKinley Park. Certainly there are some serious liability issues here, but isn’t it nice for once that kids aren’t breaking and entering homes to steal and attack?

Even nine-year olds are starting to FIND ISSUES WITH COMMON CORE. In this case, a formerly brilliant student is struggling to keep up. Now, it’s possible that he was being over-rated before and Common Core is now “leveling his laying field,” but something tells me that a statist idea that s harmful to a Childs self-esteem, is not well thought through.

I have no trouble believing that the VA Medical System PUNISHED DOCTORS WHO CRITICIZED how the system are working.

And my favorite story of the week (I know it’s only Monday), The DEAR LEADER TOOK A RIDE ON A PDRK SUBMARINE. He was there to “set the course of the submarine and [teach the Captain] a good method of navigation.” Bravo Zulu!그녀의 깊은 곳을!

The Army has quietly announced that the full investigation into Bowe Bergdahl’s “disappearance” WILL BE CONDUCTED BY A TWO-STAR GENERAL.


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