Fathers and Knowledge

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. Last year we had our dad’s on the show, and I have it say it was incredible. wish tat we could have done it again, but alas, it just wasn’t possible this year. So Dad, I love you and can’t wait to see you next month! This is my favorite picture of my dad and I, taken in November of 1973 on a Saturday afternoon following a playoff football game. We lost, but I always remember that year as one of the best for my Dad and I spending time together, even with the birth of my baby sister just a couple of weeks before this was taken.

It’s really as simple as this: Scott Johnson and his ilk of ADA Shake Down lawyers will never be stopped by the Legislature or the Congress. I know that some, like Assemblywoman Olson, will try, but the fact is that she is in a minority party – and not just a minority, a 2/3rd’s minority – which makes it highly unlikely that a Legislative solution will ever see the light of a floor vote. Could the Democrats finally see the light and realize the damage that’s being done by these ADA lawsuits and their own law that not just allows them but actually encourages them? Maybe, but the realpolitik is that they get so much money from trial lawyers and they have so tied themselves to the idea of being the “party of every person with a pretend discrimination claim,” that they are unlikely to do anything about it either. A ballot initiative would be fought by both money and in the courts, meaning even a win would be prohibitively expensive. 

So what’s left?

Knowledge. It’s power. There is no business that is required to capitulate to Scott Johnson. At least two in Manteca are standing up to him already, but it can be a frightening experience. What we CAN do is to let our local businesses now that we will support them in the face of the attack. Go get a haircut from the barber that Johnson is claiming discriminates. Go buy paper and pens from the Office Supply store, go eat at the restaurant.  If an entre community stands up and says No to these insane lawsuits, forcing Scott Johnson to drop his demands. Remember this – HE WILL NOT GO TO TRIAL. He can’t. He’d lose. So, he’s dong everything he can to pressure a settlement. If businesses stop settling with him, and juries start laughing him out of court, he will simply wither away.

In that vein, Kevin and I will be at the Barnwood on Saturday evening at 6pm. We won’t buy your dinner, but if you’d like to help us support a business under attack, come on by and do what the Framers expected We the People to do – stand up against an abusive and harmful law the best way we can.

The new Civil War in Iraq has now really taken off as a Shi’ite Cleric CALLS HIS PEOPLE TO ARMS against the Sunni’s. There is literally nothing that we are going to be able to do in this fight, and we’d be fools to get involved. But you know that we will. Likewise, you’ll be happy to know that ISIL or ISIS – whichever – has issued a “Code of Conduct” to REASSURE CIVILIANS IN IRAQ that they mean well.  mean, as long as you are Sunni, of course. Otherwise… well…

The President – and others – claim that mass school shootings are “BECOMING THE NORM.” But are they?

The latest and greatest AHT? The Eric Cantor defeat was staged to get Bergdahl and Benghazi OFF THE FRONT PAGES.

The biggest problem with Sacramento’s Budget is that it is solely based on something euphemistically called “revenue projections.” You and  do the same thing, we look ahead and try to figure out how much money we will have next month or even next week. The difference is that we don’t fudge the number higher if it isn’t enough to sustain our spending. Sacramento does. Oh, and they also don’t pay their bills and they inflict insane job killing schemes on the State to raise those projections and justify spending. The whole budget process in this state is  scam, including the way they misuse and abuse Prop 25. But THEY ARE PRETTY PROUD OF THEMSELVES for all of their hard “work.”


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