Johnny Stalin’s Revenge

The 2014 Red Cross Heroes

Thank you once again to the American Red Cross and to all of you who were there and al of you that support the Red Cross and your community each and every day. It was an experience not soon to be forgotten to stand on the stage with people of our community who though their actions and encouragement are changing – and saving – lives even after they have been recognized as heroes. We hear an awful lot of negative stuff about our Valley, and you don’t have to agree with me, but we have as much good stuff as anywhere else.

Last night we took the LPOV Group and CONSTITUTION THURSDAY – The Saturday Podcast, on the road to Turlock. Jeff, Pat and I recorded a live episode of the show in front of a crowd of about 30 people with interaction, comments and questions. It will end up being a little bit longer than our usual podcast, but it was also a great deal of fun. Plus the spaghetti dinner was great! As soon as the Podcast is done this weekend it will be posted on the CONSTITUTION THURSDAY website and FACEBOOK PAGE.

Are the good old days of my own war (The Cold War) back? Soviet Russian Tu-95 Bears are apparently now FLYING ALONG THE US COASTLINES again…  What we need here is a hashtag! #NoRuskieBears

Speaking of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, how may of you have ever heard of Operation PLUTO? This was an operation not to invade or fool the Germans or some such thing, but it was every bit as important to the war effort as the Manhattan Project. It took innovation and creativity and foresight and imagination. Have those of you who study the Normandy and post-Cobra war in Europe ever wondered HOW the Allies got all that fuel to Europe? Check Out OPERATION PLUTO

The City of Modesto has begun Operation Gundstalins Revenge. As you will recall, it was Councilman “Johnny Stalin” Gunderson who threatened the people with “massive cuts to public safety” if we didn’t give in to him and his cohorts extortion demands under Measure X. Last night, the council passed their budget with MASSIVE CUTS TO PUBLIC SAFETY. That’s fine. Just fair warning… from this point forward every dime that the council spends foolishly, is going to come right back at them.

Johnny StalinFor those of you who don’t get the “Johnny Stalin” reference, the Gundy has had himself painted as Joseph Stalin and has stated that he would hang the picture of himself as a murderous thug dictator responsible for the deaths of millions in any classroom which is unlucky enough to have him as a substitute teacher and “would not worry about what the administration might have to say about it.” That guy voted FOR massive cuts to Public Safety last night out of vengeance for not getting his way.


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