On the Road Again…

Not a lot of time to blog about stuff this morning, as I am off to the Red Cross Heroes Breakfast, celebrating our the Heroes Among Us.  It was an amazing event, and to stand among those who have served our community was an incredible experience. We’ll talk with Rebecca Ciszek from the Red Cross along with two of the honorees, Steve Loya and Stephen Derby in the 5pm hour today.

Also tonight
, you can join the cast of CONSTITUTION THURSDAY – The Saturday Podcast, at the VFW Hall in Turlock for a live recording of the latest episode. There will be a spaghetti dinner at 5pm – and the meeting and show starts around 6:30pm. We’ll be talking about the 4th Amendment and anonymous tips given to the Police, which actually plays in the recent AB 1014 discussion and the recent events where people left videos and statements of warning but were not really addressed by law enforcement or mental health officials. Feel free to join us, we’d love to see you there!

As I mentioned yesterday, the Stockton Asparagus Festival is oven and done, citing “RISING COSTS AND FALLING ATTENDANCE” as reasons for the closure. The bigger question is WHY is the attendance falling? Until that issue is addressed, there will be no chance of replacing it.

The New York Times is now claming that the Tea Party DID NOT REALLY SUPPORT Dave Brat, so it must really be extremists and crazy people that elected Brat. Or – and you can watch for this one – Nancy Pelosi’s eMails trying to get rid of Cantor worked and she assumes that she will now pick up that seat. Even FOX News is claiming that this was solely about the national v the local idealism and had nothing to do with the Tea Party.

As I have suspected all along, the Defense Secretary, along with State and DIA, SIGNED OFF ON THE BERGDAHL TRANSFER. I believe – and you can disagree, but show me some facts, not opinions – that based on the law, the three signed off on the move which would then be approved by the President, who then tried (opinion) to horn in on the credit, only to have that blow up in his face.

The celebration over the COURT RULING ON TEACHER TENURE is, not to put too fine a point on it, premature. The ruling is a Superior Court which means that its journey through the Appellate System all the way to the California Supreme Court is just beginning. It seems unlikely that it will end up in the Federal Court system, although I am equally certain that there are lawyers working on a 14th Amendment claim right this minute. Meanwhile, there’s no sense in getting revved up over the ruling.


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